Something that many people don’t realize about addiction is that it can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in poverty or at the height of your career. The problem is that even when you’re a professional, addiction can still cause your life to be highly unmanageable. Even though you have your career, you may be on the brink of losing it or are struggling with issues at home. This is why you should consider seeking addiction treatment for licensed individuals.

Why Addiction Treatment for Licensed Professionals?

A man is glad he sought out addiction treatment for licensed individualsThe first step towards getting help is admitting that you are struggling with drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a very cunning disease that wants you to believe that you don’t have a problem. As a result, it’s easy to justify and rationalize your drinking or using in a variety of ways. People will often believe that since they still have a job to go to and are making money, there’s no issue. The reality of the situation is that life is crumbling around them, but they don’t understand why.

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, you may need addiction treatment for licensed individuals:

  • Friends and family make comments about your substance use
  • Coworkers comment on your substance use
  • Once you start drinking or using, you have trouble stopping
  • Most of your issues can be traced back to drinking or using
  • You’re experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when not drinking or using

We must rid ourselves of the idea that someone can be a functioning person with a substance abuse problem. This idea is just not accurate. The two primary symptoms of addiction that you need to look for are a mental obsession and physical craving. If you’re struggling to stop or moderate once you start, this can be a significant sign. The other key indicator is that you’re always thinking about where the next drink or drug is coming from.

Addiction Treatment for Licensed Individuals and Confidentiality

One of the primary concerns people have about going to addiction treatment for licensed individuals is privacy. When you’re in treatment, HIPAA laws protect your confidentiality. This means that anything that happens in treatment is between you and your therapist. It also helps assure you that you won’t have to worry about confidential discussions going public.

Addiction treatment for professionals is extremely common, and there’s nothing wrong with getting help. Being a professional comes with its own stresses and other issues that can fuel your drinking or drug use. The problem is that turning to drugs or alcohol is only making the situation worse, and you begin to lose control. Working with a licensed therapist helps you get down to the source of your addiction to learn new ways to cope.

In addiction therapy, you’ll have a safe place to discuss your past and what led to your addiction. For some people, even though they’re successful in life, addiction can stem from a traumatic past. For others, the primary cause of their drinking or using comes from an undiagnosed mental illness. By working with a therapist, you’ll discover what your causes are and how you can manage your life without substances.

Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment for Licensed individuals

Something you might be struggling with is thinking that you can overcome your addiction on your own. This thought process is common for professionals because of their many accomplishments in life. The problem is that addiction is the one thing that they haven’t been able to overcome alone. This is why it’s incredibly beneficial to be in a program with other professionals to see that others have the same struggles. Having the support of others is one of the primary ways anyone is able to stay clean after treatment.

Providence Treatment is an addiction treatment center that specializes in helping professionals. We know that you have a busy schedule, which is why we offer flexible scheduling that can suit your needs. Some of the programs we provide at our addiction treatment for licensed individuals include:

Providence Treatment also works with each client’s licensing agency to ensure compliance with their specific requirements. To learn more about Providence Treatment’s addiction treatment for licensed individuals, call us today at 866-247-3307.