It may seem like the last people who would struggle with drug and alcohol addiction are those in the healthcare industry. However, even doctors and nurses can fall victim to this serious problem. Not only do they have easier access to various drugs, but they also aren’t as heavily monitored as people in other industries. Addiction treatment for nurse practitioners can help those who are risking patient lives as well as their own.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans are fighting the battle against addiction. It doesn’t matter who you are; just about anyone can get hooked on drugs and alcohol if the right underlying issues exist.

The Healthcare Industry and Addiction

A woman and her coworkers are happy she sought addiction treatment for nurse practitionersMen and women who work in healthcare know all about healthy habits. They counsel patients about these every day. So how can they practice something as unhealthy as substance abuse?

There are various reasons that nurse practitioners may become dependent on drugs and alcohol, including working long hours where they need to stay alert.

Sometimes, the tough part of working in healthcare can take its toll as well. It’s never easy dealing with losing patients or watching them struggle, even when it’s part of the job. Some of them may cope with their negative emotions by drinking or using, hoping to keep those bad feelings at bay.

What signs may be evident in someone who needs addiction treatment for nurse practitioners?

  • They change jobs often
  • They make frequent mistakes on paperwork
  • They’re quick to volunteer to administer medication to patients
  • They’re exhibiting signs of undue stress
  • They show physical symptoms of using, such as having glassy eyes
  • They like working overnight shifts because there’s less supervision

An addicted medical professional is more likely than their non-addicted colleagues to cause an accident in the workplace or neglect patients’ health. These mistakes can be serious enough to endanger people’s lives.

The Need for Addiction Treatment for Nurse Practitioners

Specialists who provide addiction treatment for healthcare professionals understand that these men and women want to keep their licenses and avoid disciplinary consequences.

In the medical field, many people who abuse drugs and alcohol don’t get the timely treatment they need. They’re often afraid of the potential consequences if their addiction becomes public. In addition, concerned friends or family members may be reluctant to report them because they don’t want to damage their careers or lives.

Without effective addiction treatment for nurse practitioners and other medical professionals, however, patient lives could be at risk. If you’re battling addiction or you know someone who is, the sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can regain control of your life again. No one’s life will be at stake due to any mistakes you make while using.

Addiction Treatment for Nurse Practitioners That Works

How does drug and alcohol addiction treatment work for those who can’t take time away from their jobs? While residential programs are suitable for many people working to overcome addiction, outpatient treatment is sometimes the only option a person has.

Outpatient addiction treatment for nurse practitioners allows them to continue working and get the care they need at the same time. Instead of taking time off from their job, which may be impossible, they’re able to meet their work obligations and begin the journey toward sobriety.

Award-Winning Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Professionals

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Our services include:

The compassionate and experienced team at Providence Treatment believes that personalized care increases your chances of long-term recovery. Reach out to us today at 866-247-3307 for more information about addiction treatment for nurse practitioners. We’ll create an addiction treatment plan that fits into your demanding life so that you can enjoy a sober future.