No one is immune to the risks of addiction. Even those who work in medicine, such as physicians, can become dependent on substances like drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, there are physicians health programs that allow medical professionals to get back on track. Find out what a PHP is, why it’s beneficial, and why Providence Treatment is the ideal place for recovery.

Medical Professionals and the Risk of Addiction

a doctor looks satisfied with her physicians healthcare programsAddiction doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re a college student or a licensed physician, you might struggle with addiction. It’s a myth that since doctors learn about addiction in medical school, they are immune to the risk. In fact, there is some evidence to suggest that doctors are more susceptible to substance abuse and addiction.

Doctors have high-stress careers. Working long hours may mean decreased health or the need for a coping mechanism to get through the day. Add to that the availability of prescription drugs in a medical setting, and it is clear that substance abuse can quickly become a problem.

Approaching Recovery Through Physicians Health Programs

When a doctor struggles with addiction, it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, some programs understand the specific recovery needs of medical professionals. Physicians health programs are for medical professionals who want to return to the workforce and continue in their careers.

A physicians health program provides extensive, ongoing support for doctors. After all, recovery isn’t complete in a matter of weeks or even months. Many states require physicians in a PHP to stay enrolled for up to five years. This won’t necessitate full-time treatment, but it ensures that the greatest risks for relapse have long passed.

Many medical professionals will begin with inpatient treatment. After 30 days, they can transition back to everyday life but still take part in outpatient programs. This is a great step-down approach that is both realistic and effective. After all, most doctors want to get back to their lives as quickly as possible without jeopardizing their recovery.

Rehabilitation Rather than Punishment

The goal of physicians health programs is to give medical professionals a real chance at overcoming addiction. That means more than just breaking free from a chemical dependence. It also means finding fulfillment and meaning in life. For many medical professionals, that means getting back to work and making a difference in that setting.

Physicians health programs give physicians that opportunity. Instead of being forced out of a profession that you love, you can take steps to change for the better. There is an emphasis on rehabilitation, not punishment. After all, no one knows better than doctors that addiction is an illness, not a choice.

Who Should Participate in a Physician Health Program?

As you might have guessed, a physician health program is best suited for doctors. However, other medical professionals can also participate. Some participants will register themselves in a program. Colleagues or other workplace professionals might refer others.

Finally, about half of all PHP participants are required by law to take part. Insurance companies, hospitals, and other governing bodies can require doctors to participate in a physician health program if addiction is becoming a problem at work. However clients get to a PHP, they can expect to make it back to their careers eventually. After an evaluation, most participants can reintegrate into the medical industry with ease.

What to Expect From Providence Treatment

Between Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts, there is only one choice for a physician health program: Providence Treatment. While it is easy to find addiction treatment programs across the country, it is much harder to find addiction treatment for physicians. At Providence Treatment, clients can look forward to a wide range of therapies and a program that is targeted toward their recovery and their career. Some of the therapies and strategies clients can expect include all of the following:

Doctors who want to overcome addiction can thrive in physicians health programs. If you’re looking for personalized care as well as proven success, then consider a program at Providence Treatment in Media, Pennsylvania. Call 866-247-3307 to access care, support, and the resources necessary to take back control of your life.