Addiction is a family disease and can put significant stress on relationships. Substance abuse issues are commonly cited in reasons why couples ended their relationship or engage in custody disputes. Addiction can cause couples to fight over finances, especially if drug use has created difficulties in paying bills. As many as half of all relationships that involve domestic violence involve a partner with a substance abuse issue.

A couples therapy treatment program helps improve communication between couples and provides a safe environment to discuss how addiction has influenced your relationship. Couples therapy treatment programs help partners discuss trust issue and work on strategies that can improve trust. Couples therapy allows partners to work together as a team to resolve problems instead of relying on unhealthy behaviors like fighting or arguing.

Impact of Addiction On Marriages and Relationships

Husband and wife going through couples therapy treatment programAddiction does not just affect the user. When a spouse or partner is in active addiction, it can cause unique challenges and problems and increase the likelihood of a divorce. Addiction is financially costly, which can create issues with depleted savings accounts, credit card debt and past due bills. Substance abuse issues create problems with custody, as a spouse may not trust an addicted partner to watch their children safely.

Another way addiction impacts relationships are by limiting the time couples spend together. While in active addiction, users are preoccupied with obtaining and using their drug of choice, which often takes precedence over relationship obligations. Addiction can cause partners to stay out late at night, disrupting the household when they return home at odd hours.

Addiction can increase the chances of domestic violence occurring in relationships and create other issues such as instability with housing, a lower standard of living and lack of financial security.

How a Couples Therapy Treatment Program Can Help

A couples therapy treatment program can benefit partners in a relationship, even if they later choose to separate. Couples need to understand how to support each other during the spiritual recovery process, which requires partners to communicate effectively. Changes need to happen when a patient returns home following discharge from a detox or inpatient treatment center. Couples must change their lifestyle in order to support the recovery of the other.

This means that if a spouse is recovering from opiate addiction, their partner has to be mindful not to have any substances, including alcohol, in the house. Both partners need to have a clear set of expectations and boundaries to ensure their emotional well-being.

A few other ways a couples therapy treatment program can help with recovery include:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Expressing emotions in a productive manner
  • Discussing future relationship goals
  • Educating both partners about addiction, relapse, and recovery
  • Connecting partners to support groups in the community

How Addiction Impacts Your Career

Working professionals may find it especially challenging to address addiction, especially if both partners work full time. When partners are dedicated to their careers, addiction can create additional burdens that can spill over to the workplace.

If you are worried about your partner’s safety because of their substance abuse problems, then you may be unable to sleep. This can impact your cognitive functioning and physical and emotional health. Since partners dealing with addiction are more likely to fight, arguments can occur while you are at work or lead to increased absences. Addiction impacts couples regardless of age, status, income or race.

Finding the Best Couples Therapy Treatment for You

While addiction impacts users, families are also victims of substance abuse. A couples therapy treatment program can help improve treatment outcomes and communication between couples. If you would like to learn about the best addiction treatment for professionals Media PA offers, call us today at 8662473307.