When you run your own small business, you probably wear many hats to keep it going. You want nothing more than to see your company succeed, no matter what industry you’re in. You’ve put in countless long hours and a lot of hard work. However, are you trying to cope with anxiety or work pressures in the wrong way? If drug and alcohol abuse is creeping into the picture, you may need addiction treatment for small business owners to help you overcome the problem.

Is Running Your Small Business Hurting You?

A woman is in denial that she needs addiction treatment for small business ownersYour business may be running along just fine, but what about you? Running your own business properly takes a huge commitment.

You may not be able to spend as much time with family and friends as you work to get your company off the ground. Once it’s operating, you still have to maintain it. No one else will care about your company as much as you do, so it’s common to find small business owners devoting long hours to running it.

This dedication can come with a high price tag, however. You may be under so much pressure to succeed that it’s hard for you to relax. You may feel stressed from working so much and not getting a break. To cope with the stress, isolation, and anxiety that many business owners feel, you might drink more or even abuse prescription pills to take the edge off.

That’s a short-term fix that creates long-term problems.

Without timely addiction treatment for small business owners, you may suffer severe consequences that impact your family, health, finances, and the business you’ve worked so hard to grow.

Seeking Addiction Treatment for Small Business Owners

Many people battling addiction aren’t ready to admit to it. They deny they have a problem and justify drug and alcohol abuse with any number of excuses.

But what if that’s not you?

You know your life is spiraling out of control and that you need help. However, you’re reluctant to seek addiction treatment for small business owners because you don’t have anyone to run the business if you’re in rehab for weeks or months. You need treatment options that can fit into your demanding schedule.

While inpatient addiction treatment is one option, it’s not the only one. For professionals like yourself who need effective rehab on your own terms, outpatient could be the right solution.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

You have bills to pay, and you’re trying to keep your business afloat. You can’t just step away into rehab. Outpatient addiction treatment for small business owners is available.

There are thousands of rehab centers throughout the country. However, very few cater to busy executives and business owners. Facilities that target this segment of the population understand the importance of convenience and flexibility. Without those components, some people who genuinely need help might not ever get it.

Outpatient treatment allows you to work on overcoming addiction while continuing to meet your workplace obligations. You also return home to sleep every night, which may be more comfortable for you.

Personalized Outpatient Addiction Treatment That Fits Your Busy Schedule

If you’ve put off addiction treatment because you believed it was out of your reach, Providence Treatment will show you a way out of drug and alcohol dependency. Our outpatient facility in Media, Pennsylvania is one of a few in the nation that focuses on addiction treatment for small business owners, dentists, pilots, and nurse practitioners.

The services we offer include:

Don’t let drug and alcohol addiction take away everything you’ve worked so hard for. The skilled team at Providence Treatment has proven success stories in helping men and women get their lives back on track. Reach out to us at 866-247-3307 to learn more about addiction treatment for small business owners. We’ll guide you toward lasting recovery in a safe, supportive environment.