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A woman thinks about the link between addiction and finance problems

The Link Between Addiction and Finance Problems

Substance abuse affects you across multiple spheres. You know that it takes a severe toll on interpersonal relationships. Next, you jeopardize your standing within the ...
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A man is glad he asked what is the disciplinary monitoring unit

What is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit?

Professional Health Monitoring Programs, or PHMP, are a way for people who struggle with substance abuse disorders to stay on track. With the right support ...
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Man learns what are professional health monitoring programs

What Are Professional Health Monitoring Programs?

No one is immune from the risks of addiction. Whether you’re a business executive, a pilot or a medical professional, you can still struggle with ...
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a doctor goes back to work after addiction treatment

Going Back to Work After an Addiction

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“My first day returning to work after being treated for a severe opiate addiction was one of the most daunting moments of my life,” wrote ...
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resolutions on pieces of paper to represent new years resolutions for your recovery

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Recovery

The New Year is the perfect time to set some new goals to make your recovery stronger and your new sober life more fulfilling. Here ...
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people hold hands and pray at thanksgiving

Helpful Hints to Survive Thanksgiving Sober

Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday for a lot of folks in recovery and it may even be the first family gathering for you in ...
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a graphic that says trust in you to represent self trust

Regaining Self-Trust During Recovery

Addiction often leads to feelings of mistrust and disappointment, putting a big strain on your relationships in life – including your relationship with yourself. An ...
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word cloud

Living Providence Value Of Accountability

What it means to you Accountability means we take personal responsibility and ownership for our actions, our decisions, and the effectiveness of our results. Something ...
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Accountability sign

Sober Living for Men in Philadelphia

There is a common thinking error for people in active addiction, which basically represents “I want to do what I want to do when I ...
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Confused man

Why Should a Professional Choose Sober Living in Philadelphia?

A sober living environment gives you: 1) Accountability, 2) Peer support, 3) Structure with sober coaching and 4) Space to slowly transition back to your ...
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