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mental health stats

Mental Health Statistics by State: How We Rank

While many Americans struggle with mental illnesses like anxiety and PTSD, most of them do not seek treatment from a qualified professional. The ripple effects ...
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alcohol and medication

Study: Treating Alcoholism With Medication

Though alcohol is legal, culturally acceptable and easily obtainable, that does not make it safe to consume. Tragically, alcoholism is a leading cause of disability, ...
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just one drink image

Study: One Alcoholic Drink Per Day Ages Your Brain

It has long been known that drinking in excess has a negative effect on your body and can decrease brain and liver functioning, but a ...
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binge drinking

What Is Binge Drinking?

Alcohol is so culturally acceptable and widely used that many people underestimate its potential for abuse. However, despite its somewhat innocuous reputation, alcohol is a ...
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drug overdose deaths

Drug Overdose Deaths Reach All-Time High

In October 2017, opioid addiction—mostly due to indiscriminate prescription of painkiller medications—was declared a public health emergency in the United States. By March 2020, an ...
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gender differences binge drinking

Gender Differences in Binge Drinking

As the holidays approach, with family gatherings and office parties planned for the upcoming weeks, it is even more important to understand the effects of ...
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chronic stress and addiction

Chronic Stress and Addiction

You live in a stressful world and you work in a stressful job. On top of all of that, the pandemic of the past year ...
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gene for marijuana addiction

Gene for Marijuana Addiction

For as long as humans have experimented with opium poppies, cannabis, or fermentation, addiction has been a public health concern. Thousands of years later, researchers ...
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12 stages of burnout

The 12 Stages of Burnout | Identification, Prevention & Treatment

Burnout is a term coined in the 1970s to describe an extreme state of exhaustion. Professionals are particularly susceptible to burnout, which usually results from ...
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Why Doctors Are Vulnerable to Addiction

Why Doctors are Vulnerable to Addiction

People have their own reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol. Some are predisposed to addiction from an early age, while others suffer injuries or ...
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