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airline pilots experience addiction

Flying the Unfriendly Skies: How Airline Pilots Experience Addiction

Airline pilots have incredibly stressful jobs. Not only are pilots responsible for the safe transport of the plane’s passengers, but they also must deal with ...
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Providence Treatment is Recipient of 2018 Outstanding Clinical Care Award

(MEDIA, PA – July 24, 2018) – Providence Treatment is proud to be the recipient of 2018 Outstanding Clinical Care Award which will be presented ...
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two pilots fly a plane

When A Pilot Is Not Ready To Return Home

Often when a pilot leaves residential treatment, there remains unresolved issues, especially with their spouses and other family members. We know an alcoholic and addict ...
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A pilot smiles after seeking Addiction Treatment for Airline Pilots

Addiction Treatment for Aviation Airline Pilots

Aviation safety is a sensitive issue for both the industry, Washington D.C. politics and the public, therefore, aviation airline pilots are held to the same ...
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Man gets addiction recovery for airline pilots in Philadelphia

Addiction Recovery For Airline Pilots in Philadelphia

It certainly is a privilege to fly a plane, and when a pilot is impaired in any manner they need to seek help immediately! Currently, ...
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