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manic psychosis

Manic Psychosis Explained

Mania is a disruptive condition involving erratic behavior and an unusually high level of physical and mental activity. During a severe manic episode, you might ...
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A room that can help people understand what is PHP

What is PHP?

When researching substance abuse treatment options, you may become overwhelmed at the number of services that are available. Treatment options vary depending on your needs ...
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a counselor explains what is psychotherapy to a client

What Is Psychotherapy?

When people look for rehab for professionals, they have to keep many factors in mind. For example, they need to ensure that the facilities that ...
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a young man thinks about How untreated mental health issues can lead to addiction

How Untreated Mental Health Issues Lead to Addiction

All too often, people view addiction as a standalone disease. In reality, addiction is incredibly complex, with ties to a long list of additional factors ...
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The Sober Truth book

Critical Look At 12-Step Programs

Psychiatrists Dr. Lance Dodes and Zachary Dodes (father and son) published a book offering critical look at 12-Step Programs in March 2014 called “The Sober ...
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