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physicians and nurses

Stress Among Healthcare Professionals: Physicians and Nurses

Health professionals are compassionate, driven people who work to make a positive difference in the world every day. While these careers can be rewarding, they …

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medical student

Substance Use in Medical Students During COVID-19

Training for a new profession is stressful, and this stress level is amplified for students in the medical field. Whether they are first-year students or …

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how to deal with trauma from work

How to Deal with Trauma from Work

When troubling events occur at your place of employment, how do you deal with trauma from work afterwards? To the average layperson, “workplace trauma” means …

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Philadelphia Support Groups for Nurses During COVID

Providence Treatment, PNAP Launch New Support Group for Nurses

Providence Treatment has partnered with the Pennsylvania Nurse Peer Assistance Program (PNAP) to launch a new support group. The aim? To provide support for nursing …

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healthcare workers

Psychological Stress Among Frontline Workers

Even during “normal” times, the stress felt by frontline workers can be tremendous. Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, the psychological stress among frontline workers has …

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Why Doctors Are Vulnerable to Addiction

Why Doctors are Vulnerable to Addiction

People have their own reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol. Some are predisposed to addiction from an early age, while others suffer injuries or …

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Addiction Treatment For Physicians

Providence Treatment’s Healthcare Professionals Programs for Physicians Providence Treatment has many years of experience in working with Pennsylvania Physicians’ Health Programs (PA-PHP) and their healthcare …

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Addiction Treatment For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), such as physicians, make a significant commitment to their training and subsequently to their profession in caring for others. There is tremendous …

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