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How We Can Help the Professional Population in Philadelphia

Drug addiction can take a toll on anyone, but for professionals in Philadelphia, it can be particularly challenging. Addiction not only affects their personal life ...
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how to dispose of old pills

How to Dispose of Leftover Prescription Medications

Do you have medications in your cabinet that were prescribed ages ago, but never used up? The best time to dispose of these pills and ...
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Woman doing yoga knows what is holistic therapy

What is Holistic Therapy?

When someone enters rehab, the staff’s inclination is to put its entire focus on the client’s addiction. Before the modern age of addiction treatment, that ...
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Man asks his therapy group what is IOP?

What is IOP?

When you or a loved one is exploring treatment options to combat a substance abuse or addiction issue, you may be surprised at how many ...
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Man walking on a high wire

Fear Itself Is Not Be Feared

Have you ever felt a type of fear that cripples your attempts at change? Have you ever identified with fear as a dominant emotion and ...
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Woman who knows addiction does not discriminate

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

Heather Cook, Maryland’s first woman bishop in the Episcopal Church had a recent fall from grace. She was charged with her 2nd DUI and vehicular ...
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word cloud

Living Providence Value Of Accountability

What it means to you Accountability means we take personal responsibility and ownership for our actions, our decisions, and the effectiveness of our results. Something ...
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Woman who needs a drug alcohol addiction intervention in Philadelphia

Drug Alcohol Addiction Intervention in Philadelphia

Thousands of people each year participate in an activity that is designed to help their loved ones to face their alcohol or drug addiction. Most families feel ...
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