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how to deal with trauma from work

How to Deal with Trauma from Work

When troubling events occur at your place of employment, how do you deal with trauma from work afterwards? To the average layperson, “workplace trauma” means ...
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healthcare workers

Psychological Stress Among Frontline Workers

Even during “normal” times, the stress felt by frontline workers can be tremendous. Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, the psychological stress among frontline workers has ...
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chronic stress and addiction

Chronic Stress and Addiction

You live in a stressful world and you work in a stressful job. On top of all of that, the pandemic of the past year ...
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silent retreat

What is a Silent Retreat? | Spirituality and Recovery

Sometimes you just need to be still and reflect. That can be difficult to do in a hectic world, especially as working professional who is ...
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The place over the rainbow

Addiction Recovery & LGBTQ communities

The Place over the rainbow: Addiction Recovery and the LGBTQ communities Addiction does not discriminate! Whether you are an inner city youth, a college student, middle-aged, ...
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Woman who's learned how to detox your body from drugs

How to Detox Your Body from Drugs

If you have a substance abuse disorder or struggle with addiction, you may experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using. Withdrawal symptoms can be similar ...
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Woman sits and ponders the differences of hydrocodone vs oxycodone

Hydrocodone vs Oxycodone: How Are They Different?

Prescription painkillers provide effective relief for millions of Americans every year. But what happens when people fail to take their medication as directed? Even when ...
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Delaware County’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force

Delaware County’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force Delaware County’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force will host their annual symposium on 11/15/18 with this ...
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Are they your partner or a project? Addiction and marital relationships

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve met with couples, where one of them struggled with an addiction, and the issue of partnership, ...
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Clinical Care award logo

Providence Treatment is Recipient of 2018 Outstanding Clinical Care Award

(MEDIA, PA – July 24, 2018) – Providence Treatment is proud to be the recipient of 2018 Outstanding Clinical Care Award which will be presented ...
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