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how to deal with trauma from work

How to Deal with Trauma from Work

When troubling events occur at your place of employment, how do you deal with trauma from work afterwards? To the average layperson, “workplace trauma” means …

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silent retreat

What is a Silent Retreat? | Spirituality and Recovery

Sometimes you just need to be still and reflect. That can be difficult to do in a hectic world, especially as working professional who is …

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Break the Coronavirus Anxiety Cycle

How to Break the Coronavirus Anxiety Cycle

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people have had to make major adjustments in their lives. Whether they are being told to stay at home or …

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Woman in Philadelphia sober living program for clergy

Philadelphia Sober Living Program For Clergy

One of the most rewarding, yet time demanding profession, is professional ministry. Clergy serve many roles in a community including: liturgist, family mediator, counselor, community …

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