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Man talks to therapist about his opioid withdrawal symptoms

Dealing with Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

It’s commendable that you are considering getting help for your opioid addiction. As you may or may not be aware, a little bit of danger
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a woman asks a counselor what is addiction treatment for professionals

What Is Addiction Treatment for Professionals?

Anyone can become a victim of drug abuse and addiction, including professionals in the healthcare industry. Thankfully, programs are available that can help them overcome
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A woman is happy she asked the question what is the voluntary recovery program

What is the Voluntary Recovery Program?

Substance abuse disorders can impact students, parents, and professionals alike. Struggling with addiction doesn’t mean that your life is over, but it does mean that
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Woman smiles thanks to a professional outpatient treatment center Philadelphia offers

Professional Outpatient Treatment Center Philadelphia

Providence Treatment is an effective, state-of-the-art and boutique outpatient treatment program for professionals (e.g. physicians, dentists, pharmacists, pilots, clergy, etc.) seeking recovery from impairment due
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Accountability sign

Sober Living for Men in Philadelphia

There is a common thinking error for people in active addiction, which basically represents “I want to do what I want to do when I
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Providence Treatment Tour dining area

What are the Advantages of Sober Living in Early Recovery?

Morning and evening mindfulness meditationThe disease of addiction requires a disciplined set of behaviors and attitudes to remain in remission. If you have completed a
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