A doctor returns to the operating room after seeking addiction treatment for healthcare professionals

Addiction Treatment for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

Addiction treatment for healthcare professionals (HCPs) Providence Treatment specializes in addiction treatment for those healthcare professionals (HCPs) who struggle with substance abuse disorders.  They work closely with Federation of State Physicians Health Programs (FSPHP) and multi-state Physicians Health Programs (PHPs) from mid-atlantic region of Washington D.C. to northeast region, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland,…

birds emerge from an iconographic head to represent mindfulness and recovery

Making room for Newness: Mindfulness and Recovery

Making room for Newness: Mindfulness and Recovery We are expected in recovery to engage in some degree of conversion. Conversion, meaning the shifts from one way of proceeding to another, is the foundation of any sustainable recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. In the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, one of the common practices is the…

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Joint Collaboration with Widener University

Providence Treatment is pleased to announce its joint collaboration with Widener University’s Biofeedback Clinic, chaired by Dr. Pamela Calvert-Hirt, to provide psychophysiological interventions for common issues such as: attention, insomnia, stress, headaches and test anxiety to our professional clients.  At Providence Treatment, we understand the stress and fatigue caused by a demanding professional career, and…

a man stares into an open door wondering what to do when completing residential treatment

When Completing Residential Treatment

  Often when an individual completes the residential treatment, there remains unresolved issues, especially with their spouse, children and other family members. We know an alcoholic and addict in early recovery requires more support and a higher degree of accountability to sustain a recovery and ensure ongoing sobriety. Stress related to family relationships can be…