Man learns of the role of meditation and grey matter

Role of meditation and grey matter

In a recent article, in Psychiatry Research, a team of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard documented the benefits of meditation on the grey matter of the brain, which enhanced memory, a positive sense of self, empathy and stress. Sara Lazar, the author’s principal author reported, “although the practice of meditation is associated with…

Young man standing with arms outstretched at sunset


The word “surrender” is often associated with defeat, loss, relinquishing your power and other hard to accept concepts. In many contemporary spiritual programs, the process of surrender is a key element to living a more spiritually fulfilling life. I became curious about this word and wondered if there was a hermeneutic that could shed a…

Close-up portrait of a sad elder couple on brown background

Addiction and Older Individuals

We know there are two developmental periods of the person’s life that is at greater risk for addiction. The older individual, age 55+, is at heightened risk for addiction and negative consequences with active addiction. Substance abuse among older adults are often gone under- or misdiagnosed. The healthcare professional is untrained on how to assess,…

Man who knows why sleep matters

Why Sleep Matters

Working on fixing your sleep habits is an essential part of your recovery. And, like exercise, the health benefits are bountiful. Sleeping restores your mind and body, allowing the healing to begin. A good night’s slumber helps your heart, weight, memory, decision-making, mood, and more. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough: Nearly half of…

Professional women and addiction do happen

Professional Women and Addiction

Despite studies showing that women with substance use disorders have a faster course towards severity than men with addictions, most treatment programs in the U.S. have been developed using research based solely on men.  There are inherent challenges for women seeking treatment for their addiction like: attending to childcare, managing a career and home, medical…