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Drug Alcohol Addiction Early Recovery In Philadelphia

Too often, we are carrying negative perceptions, experiences and people in our minds in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and in our daily lives. It is “normal” to have a restless mind, but we can change that with a heightened sense of merely “what comes into view” without judgement and labeling. When we…

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Drug Alcohol Remission Philadelphia

We spend a great deal of necessary attention given to “relapse prevention,” however we should spend more time working on strategies that assist to maintain our remission from drug and alcohol addiction. One aspect of recovery is the remission of the disease of addiction, and like any other disease, requires behavioral, psychological, social and spiritual…

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Professional Outpatient Treatment Center Philadelphia

Providence Treatment is an effective, state-of-the-art and boutique outpatient treatment program for professionals (e.g. physicians, dentists, pharmacists, pilots, clergy, etc.) seeking recovery from impairment due to alcohol and drug addiction. We also evaluate and treat professionals with mental health illness such as depression, anxiety in all of its forms: PTSD, OCD, GAD and performance anxiety.…

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Seeking Recovery Help In Philadelphia

There are 12 steps in the process of asking for help and they are:One of the major hurdles that individuals in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction struggle with is – developing a practice of asking for help when needed. In American society, and especially with professionals (e.g. physicians, executives, attorneys, etc.) asking for…

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Sober Living for Men in Philadelphia

There is a common thinking error for people in active addiction, which basically represents “I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.” Basically, it is a life without accountability. Every responsible individual lives with some degree of accountability. Often, this addictive thinking error leads disorganized behavior creating discontentment…

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Premier Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Philadelphia

Providence Treatment is an extended care program for professionals in suburban Philadelphia, PA, who are in need of alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We provide both sober living for professional men and outpatient services for professional men and women, specifically those who identify their work as a career/profession such as physicians, dentists, business executives, attorney,…

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Why Should a Professional Choose Sober Living in Philadelphia?

A sober living environment gives you: 1) Accountability, 2) Peer support, 3) Structure with sober coaching and 4) Space to slowly transition back to your life with family and friends. Accountability truly is the hallmark of early recovery. To answer to another person in recovery and less involve my will alone, has been proven to…

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Philadelphia Sober Living And Comprehensive Aftercare Services

Transitioning to an excellent sober living community that requires monitoring and participation in the house activities including: daily meditation and meeting attendance, obtaining a sponsor, doing step work and reaching out to friends and family in a healthy manner.  A comprehensive aftercare service offers several layered programs including: Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Program and a…

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Sober Living After Rehab In Philadelphia

Too often, people leave rehab and return back to their busy lives and are not able to integrate what they’ve just learned in treatment. The added tasks of: 90 meetings in 90 days, obtaining a temporary sponsor, starting step work, making connections in the rooms, etc. is a major and important part of early recovery.…

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Addiction Recovery For Airline Pilots in Philadelphia

It certainly is a privilege to fly a plane, and when a pilot is impaired in any manner they need to seek help immediately! Currently, there is a rule that each pilot must follow if they do consume alcohol – it’s known as the “bottle to throttle rule.” This rule requires a pilot to wait…