Pennsylvania has seen its share of drug abuse and drug overdose issues. In fact, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, there was a significant increase in the rate of overdoses in Pennsylvania. The amount shot up by 16.9 percent. Also, most of the overdoses that occurred involved opioids. More than half of these overdose deaths were from the substance fentanyl, a synthetic opioid. The need for a PA PHP is vital to keep the community thriving. Drug addiction leaves its mark on a community and families.

With a partial hospitalization program in PA, people can begin the journey back to health. Families can mend, communities can avoid the dangerous consequences of drug addiction.

What is PA PHP?

Therapist leads a group session at a PA PHPPA PHP stands for Pennsylvania Partial Hospitalization Program. This means that patients will be partially hospitalized but not completely.

On the other hand, a residential program includes 24/7 service and oversight. However, a PHP is not 24/7 time at the rehab center. You will attend the center for a good deal of the time throughout the week, but you will be able to maintain somewhat of a regular schedule outside of rehab. A PA Partial Hospitalization Program includes a rigorous schedule, yet you still have some independence.

What is Included in a PHP?

A partial hospitalization program will provide the aid you need to transition from detox to the real world. After completing your withdrawal from drugs, you will then begin substance abuse programs that include therapy and a recovery support community.

A PA partial hospitalization program offers intense therapy sessions that teach you the strategies necessary for succeeding once back in your professional life. You may attend therapy for five or six days a week. However, some people may attend every day. Also, you will be within the community for several hours a day, which gives you the encouragement and support to keep going.

Other components of the PHP include:

  • Learning life skills to help you regain your footing again
  • Developing strategies to fight off future temptations for drugs
  • Understanding what your triggers for drugs are so that you can deescalate them
  • Discovering what causes cravings and how to resist them
  • Learning new ways to communicate with loved ones
  • Developing stronger interpersonal skills

How Long Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Last?

The PA PHP varies in how long the treatment lasts. It depends on the severity of your situation. You may stay for 30 days, 60 days, or even 90 days. Some people stay for longer if they feel they need the support of the program to be successful. Your treatment coordinator will work with you on a personalized plan that suits your specific needs.

Introducing Providence Treatment

Welcome home to Providence Treatment, where our tranquil center is ready to help you through the difficulties of drug addiction. Our dedicated and compassionate professionals will guide you on your journey to a new you. Using evidence-based therapies, our state-approved facility is equipped to help you get back on track in your professional life. We’ve spent the past 20 years helping many different professionals who have struggled with drug addiction.

In order to meet the needs of our patients, we offer a broad range of therapies, some of which include:

Choose from among other program options other than PHP, if desired, such as:

Don’t let addiction control your life. You can overcome your addiction issues and also find healing by going to a PA PHP. Contact us at 866.247.3307, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.