If you have Cigna health insurance, you might wonder if your carrier will cover any or all of your drug and alcohol rehab treatment. You may be hesitant to call someone and ask. However, if you have a genuine problem with your health — and addiction is a real problem — you need treatment for it. Finding out what your insurance plan covers can put your mind at ease as you move forward into a sober, healthier future.

Will My Cigna Health Insurance Pay for Rehab?

two people talk about Cigna health insuranceThe portion of addiction treatment your Cigna health insurance covers depends on your individual plan. You can check with your chosen rehab facility to find out the extent of your coverage. Current healthcare legislation requires insurance carriers to treat addiction like any medical condition. Still, some plans provide more coverage than others.

For instance, your policy may completely cover outpatient treatment, while only a limited period of inpatient care (such as 30 days). Some plans take care of one or two rehab stays but none beyond that.

Ask your treatment center for insurance verification to be sure of what your policy covers. Anything that doesn’t fall under your plan’s coverage may require you to pay out of pocket.

Cigna health insurance company provides education for those who need drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The company also offers different plan levels for individuals and families. With these different options, most people can find one that fits their budget and needs best.

Getting Treatment Is the Most Important Thing

Whether Cigna health insurance or another carrier covers you, the most important thing is your treatment. Without quality care, drug and alcohol abuse can quickly ruin your life.

Detoxification, or the process of getting your body clean of all addictive substances, isn’t a “cure” for addiction. All too often, people stop using for days or months and believe they’re fully recovered.

The therapy and treatment that rehab centers offer can make the difference in whether you stay clean or relapse. People often have deep-seated issues that require attention before they can hope to heal from addiction. Detox alone doesn’t do that.

Cigna Health Insurance and Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse doesn’t discriminate. It happens to people of every ethnicity, profession, and socioeconomic status. Cigna treats addiction like other medical conditions, so clients can get the life-changing treatment they need.

Paying out of pocket for all of your treatment can be very expensive. With insurance carriers covering some or all of the costs, there’s no reason not to seek help. As addiction worsens, people suffer ill effects across all areas of their lives. If they’re in a high-level professional position in their career, drug and alcohol abuse can take everything away that they’ve worked so hard for.

Instead of risking a career you love, along with your family and health, look into treatment designed especially for career professionals.

That’s the difference Providence Treatment can make.

Addiction Treatment That Targets Busy Professionals

Located in Philadelphia, Providence Treatment is an outpatient center that caters to professional men and women. Our facility provides partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs along with regular outpatient care.

There are thousands of rehabs across the country, but only a handful focus on those in high-pressure professions who have a lot to lose due to addiction, such as pilots, licensed professionals, healthcare professionals, veterans, business executives and those who work in the finance industry. From Washington, DC up to Maine, we’re the only approved outpatient treatment program for professionals.

The services we offer include:

You need treatment, and we provide flexible care that fits into your busy lifestyle. In addition, you’ll attend treatment with other professionals who can relate to your struggles.

Don’t let substance abuse rob you of another minute. The dedicated and experienced staff at our treatment center are ready to help you overcome addiction and lead the rich and fulfilling life you deserve. Call us today at 866-247-3307 to verify your Cigna health insurance benefits.