One of the most common questions people have before attending an addiction treatment program is about rehab insurance. Decades ago, the only way to go to rehab was by paying for the costs yourself. Thankfully, changes to our healthcare system and new legislation mean that many people pay none or only a portion of their treatment costs.

What Is Rehab Insurance?Woman shaking hands after confirming her Philadelphia rehab insurance coverage

There are a variety of different insurance companies that provide some level of rehab insurance. Aetna insurance is a popular option for patients. This insurance company offers a range of medical, dental and vision plans.

Some patients also use insurance companies like Cigna insurance. Cigna offers plans ranging from supplemental insurance to medical coverage for individuals, employers, and families. Originally founded in 1792, this company now has a global presence.

Another popular option for patients is BlueCross BlueShield insurance. This company gives health insurance to 106 million people in the United States. It operates as a cooperative group of 36 different organizations.

Will My Insurance Pay for Rehab?

In most cases, clients will already have some type of rehab insurance if they have health insurance already. Over the last few decades, scientists and doctors have figured out that substance abuse disorders are chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease. Because of this, an addiction needs treatment like any other chronic illness. Merely quitting drugs or alcohol is not enough for someone to truly manage their addiction.

While it took a bit longer, legislators finally realized the same thing. Since addiction is a chronic disease, it needs care like any other illness. In recent years, lawmakers have passed legislation that requires insurance companies to treat addictions like they would treat any other illness.

Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that rehab insurance will pay for all of the treatment costs. Technically, the legislation only makes insurance companies treat addictions like other chronic illnesses. This means then that rehab insurance only has to cover the same percentage of care that the insurance company covers for other medical ailments. The insurance company may cover all of the treatment or just a fraction of the costs.

Getting the Right Support During Recovery

No matter how much of the treatment costs an insurance company covers, there are other financing options available also. Some patients create a financing plan to gradually pay for the costs of treatment. Other clients pay for the difference themselves and then get help through an employer. Addiction specialists at the treatment center can help clients figure out the amount that they will need to cover after rehab insurance pays its portion.

The right treatment center can make a humongous difference in recovery. At a high-quality treatment center, patients get evidence-based programs as well as a range of customized options. Business professionals can also find programs that cater to their unique needs. These professional treatment centers cater to patients like licensed pilots, business entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals.

At the rehab center, patients can find treatment options such as:

Discovering the right treatment center does not have to be a challenge. At Providence Treatment, we design our programs for career-minded, working professionals. After the initial treatment, we work with our clients over the course of a five-year plan so that each person has the best opportunities and support for remaining sober. Our addiction specialists can help you decide on the right treatment program and discover convenient options for paying for treatment.

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