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Outpatient Treatment for Professionals with Sober Living Supports
27 May

Providence Treatment provides outpatient treatments for professionals such as physicians, doctors, attorneys, dentists, pilots and business executives with sober living supports.

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Link Between Circadian Rhythms and Mood Disorders
21 May

It’s not necessarily news that your sleep habits impact your mood – but a new large-scale study links your sleep-wake cycles to

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Mental Health Month: Tips to Prevent Burnout
7 May

In honor of Mental Health Month this month, we’re talking about burnout, which is a growing mental health concern among

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Tips to Manage Mental Health at Work
23 April

The good news: More and more professionals are coming out about their mental health problems. The bad news: Many professionals

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Addiction Treatment for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)
21 April

  Providence Treatment specializes in addiction treatment for those healthcare professionals (HCPs) who struggle with substance abuse disorders.  They work closely

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Steps to Stay in the Present
9 April

Learning to stay in the present – and stop dwelling on the past or obsessing over the future – plays

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Is Loneliness Part of Your Profession?
26 March

Lawyers and doctors are among America’s loneliest workers, according to a new survey in the Harvard Business Review. The survey of

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Making room for Newness: Mindfulness and Recovery
18 March

We are expected in recovery to engage in some degree of conversion. Conversion, meaning the shifts from one way of

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WHYY TV Documentaries March 29 2018
17 March

PBS and NPR’s local member station WHYY Channel 12 in Philadelphia will air 2 powerful short TV documentaries about addictions on

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Why Companies Are Skipping Drug Testing
12 March

The decades-long pre-employment practice of drug testing for marijuana seems to be on the decline, according to a recent article

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