At Providence Treatment, we believe that effective addiction treatment should be affordable and available to all. Our state-of-the-art outpatient facility accepts all major insurance providers, including Hawaiian insurance plans.

Hawaii Medical Service Association

Founded in the 1930s, HMSA is an independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Offering a combination of HMOs and PPOs, Hawaii Medical Service Association provides coverage for almost 700,000 members. Also referred to as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii, this organization provides unlimited benefits for the outpatient treatment of substance use disorders at parity with coverage for other medical conditions.

Hawaii Medical Assurance Association

HMAA was formed in 1989 by Kauai native Arnold Baptist, Sr. They provide an alternative approach to insurance tailored to the needs of small and independent businesses. The Hawaii Medical Assurance Association provides comprehensive coverage for the treatment of mental illness and substance abuse.

Kaiser Permanente

HMO provider Kaiser Permanente is a widely recognized name in the insurance community. While originally limited in their service to the outer islands, Kaiser has recently increased their presence off of Oahu. They will also pay for the transportation of patients to the island for specialty services. In keeping with most major providers, Kaiser Permanente offers coverage for the treatment of substance use disorders and mental health concerns.

United HealthCare

Another major insurer, United HealthCare offers free, confidential drug and alcohol addiction help through their 24/7 substance use helpline. They also fund treatment for those suffering from substance use disorders in Hawaii.

University Health Alliance

UHA was founded nearly 25 years ago by physician teachers at the University of Hawaii’s school of medicine. Their coverage and reimbursement are available for the treatment of addiction, provided that centers meet their list of criteria. For example, centers must comprehensively assess each patient’s state, develop a fully individualized treatment plan, and address withdrawal symptoms through a multidisciplinary team approach.

We Accept Hawaiian Health Insurance

Those of us at Providence Treatment believe that you should receive the highest quality of addiction treatment in our professional setting. In order to make treatment accessible and affordable, we work with all major insurance companies. These include specialty Hawaiian insurance providers. Please fill out this form to verify your insurance coverage today.