Addiction Treatment for ManagersWhat Makes a Manager?

Managers have some of the most challenging jobs imaginable. They work long, demanding hours. They juggle their responsibilities to employers while simultaneously ensuring that employees are doing their jobs. When you consider the stresses of the job, it’s not surprising that managerial work is closely linked to drug and alcohol use.

At Providence Treatment, we specialize in helping managers and other professionals to recover from substance use disorders; we understand the many challenges you are facing. Whether your treatment is mandated, or you simply want help, our experienced staff is here to give you the tools you need to live a substance-free life.


The Stresses of Managerial Work

Managers are often caught in the middle of workplace disputes. Executives can demand a lot from their employees, and managers are tasked with making sure all workplace processes are executed as expected. Though the role of one manager varies greatly from the role of another, one common thread for anyone with managerial duties is responsibility.

The pressures and social demands of the job, combined with other factors present in a manager’s personal life, can create incredible stress, anxiety and, in some cases, depression. When someone turns to drugs and alcohol to alleviate this stress, they only make matters worse.


Addiction Treatment for Managers

Providence Treatment offers several programs and services to help managers cope with their addiction. We identify factors that contribute to your substance use disorder and find solutions that help you live a substance-free life.

If you are a professional who is seeking addiction treatment, we encourage you to contact Providence Treatment to learn more about how we can help. Our staff knows how important it is for professionals to find a path that works for them. Call 866-247-3307 to speak to our team and begin your journey of recovery today.