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Relapse Prevention

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Dr. Heran defines relapse as “the abandonment of a recovery-based program.” When clients abandon their program they are putting themselves at greater risk for picking up their drug of choice.

At Providence Treatment we affirm each client’s involvement in a 12-Step program of recovery, a design for living that brings joy and contentment. We offer group therapy on relapse prevention strategies, facilitated by therapists who are intimately aware of the danger of relapse and to manage recovery and maintain participation in a recovery program, while cultivating daily practices such as: mindfulness meditation, 10th Step Inventory and supporting other members of the program.

Relapse occurs all too often. At Providence Treatment, we include a relapse prevention safety plan with each client. Each plan identifies triggers and warning signs, people, places and things that may lead to a relapse and finally identify aspects of the client’s personality/character, which may promote relapse behaviors.

If a client relapses, we then meet as a treatment team and discuss with the client the next step. Most likely, we would refer the client to a higher level of care for stabilization, or increasing the dosage of treatment in our outpatient program with increased sober supports and more frequent meetings with his/her sponsor and fellowship involvement.

Relapse prevention is best executed when a team of supportive people have regular contact with the client (e.g. sponsor, therapist, recovery coach, family members in recovery, clergy, etc.) to ensure adherence to their sobriety and activity participating in activities that are designed for personal transformation.

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