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Why Providence Treatment?

Our addiction programs and services are founded in evidence-based research and include an emphasis on person and interpersonal transformation. We provide individualized treatment and meet the specific needs of our clients and their families. Sustained recovery is a journey and Providence is dedicated to supporting our clients and their families at every step along the way.

Along with treating addiction, in our program we want our clients to successfully return to fulfilling lives and careers. At times this means we will provide therapy to couples or families during the treatment process. When appropriate, Providence may work closely with the client’s licensing authority, report on progress and make recommendations going forward with a goal of career re-entry. As clients transition from treatment, we offer aftercare integration services to plan for sustainable long-term recovery.

While Providence is an outpatient facility, we also offer a nearby sober living residence where clients may choose to reside during their treatment. This comfortable, safe, and structured environment is intended to provide accountability and care while residents learn adaptive and recovery-oriented coping strategies. Our sober living residence incorporates activities like mindfulness meditation, recovery meetings, and other activities that increase the resident’s accountability towards a sustained recovery. We do require that each resident either have full-time employment, or engage in a volunteer opportunity in the community.

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