Our Mission

Providence Treatment shall be a recognized leader in the treatment of substance use and behavioral health disorders. Providing state-of-the-art therapies, in a safe and confidential setting, with highly qualified clinicians and staff.

Our Vision

With a bio-psychosocial and spiritual focus, Providence Treatment dedicates themselves to improving the lives of professionals and their families, struggling with debilitating effects of alcohol and drug addiction.

Our Recovery Philosophy

We believe each person deserves a dignified, respectful and safe environment that fosters a program of sustainable recovery resulting in a personal transformation.

Providence: The Home of Addiction Recovery for Professionals

It is our goal to become the recognized leader in addiction treatment for professionals. At Providence Treatment, we provide state-of-the art therapies for professionals and professionals-in-training with substance use and mental health disorders. Whether you’re a pilot, physician, dentist, pharmacist, or a member of the clergy, we have an assessment, treatment plan and aftercare program just for you!

Providence’s highly qualified clinicians and staff are committed to improving the lives of professionals, and their families, struggling with the debilitating effects of alcohol and drug addiction. Take a tour of our facility to find out more about us.

Offering Customized Help for Professionals   (484) 486-8076

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Professionals

A doctor ready to tell you more about the outpatient treatment program at Providence TreatmentAt Providence, we provide clients with tools and strategies to foster success in early recovery and beyond when they return to their profession. Our integrated care model, which has both a biopsychosocial and spiritual focus, assists professionals battling addiction with personal transformation and human flourishing. Clients learn these essential recovery skills:

  •  Accountability
  • Giving back
  • Compassion training
  • Mindfulness
  • Spirituality
  • Self-care

Our Unique Addiction Recovery for Professionals

There are thousands of choices for addiction treatment programs in the U.S., but Providence is unique in many ways.

  • We’re designed to treat a mature clientele, such as women and men who are licensed professionals.
  • We work closely with licensing boards, boards of directors, chief pilots, church administrators and more to ensure a seamless transition back into the workplace.
  • We’re a boutique-style addiction program that provides individual and customized care.
  • Our staff is trained to attend to your personal, family and workplace needs to increase the chances for a sustained recovery from an active addiction.
  • We support a 12-step program of recovery, along with mindfulness and other psychotherapeutic support strategies.
  • Our program is rigorous and promotes a personal transformation toward spiritual awareness and accountability.
  • We facilitate individual, group, family and couples therapy for our clients.
  • We focus on core issues and support the client with daily recovery-oriented activities.
  • We have physicians available for medical and psychiatric visits during a client’s stay with us.
  • We have a clinical psychologist who provides testing and feedback to our clients.
  • We’re Joint Commission accredited.

Our Sober Living for Professionals

Providence Treatment is proud to offer sober living services to both professional men and women seeking comfort and support during the early phase of their recovery. Our residents enjoy an active lifestyle while being committed to a rigorous treatment program and daily recovery activities.

Residents start their day with a 12-step meeting in town, then go to work or engage in a volunteer opportunity. Upon return from work, the residents enjoy a balanced prepared meal. Our evening program varies depending on the day, but always includes some type of recovery-oriented activity. We end each day with a 10-step exercise. We are not a freestanding sober living program without treatment. All residents must be engaged in a level of care that is recommended by their treatment team (i.e. partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient program or general outpatient program).

Calling All Professionals!

Are you a professional seeking addiction treatment in Pennsylvania? Our unique drug and alcohol treatment model is designed just for you. Let us work with you to ensure a successful recovery and transition back into the workplace. To learn more about Providence Treatment, contact us at 484-486-8076.

Ask About Our Addiction Treatment for Physicians

The road to lifelong recovery for yourself or for a physician in your life is just a phone call away. At Providence Treatment, we’ll help you streamline your addiction treatment and meet the requirements of your licensing board. To learn more,

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