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Gabe Lau, PhD, PE
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Gabe Lau is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Providence Treatment Companies.

Our Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs

Providence Treatment is an alcohol & drug rehab program by professionals, for professionals. Our three tiers of treatment program are designed to meet the needs of physicians, pilots, lawyers, and other high-achieving individuals. We also collaborate directly with licensing boards and other decision-making bodies to determine the best path forward for those seeking license reinstatement and career re-entry. Our services are covered by most major insurers.

Services at Our Professionals
Boston Drug Rehab

We know what it takes for professionals to recover. Our Boston rehab offers three tiers of treatment. The Foundation Group provides the structure and accountability associated with partial day treatment programs. Our intensive outpatient programming falls under the purview of the Providence Treatment Discovery Group. And finally, those seeking general outpatient care should inquire about our Integration Group.

Our evidence-based programming covers everything from initial assessments to neurofeedback. Providence Treatment’s Boston addiction treatment services are administered by master’s- and doctoral-level clinicians and include:

  • Comprehensive evaluations conducted by licensed professionals
  • Professional monitoring services (random testing of urine, blood, hair, or nails)
  • Dual diagnosis programming (help for co-occurring mental health conditions)
  • Family education and therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment (available with referral)
  • Psychiatric support and medication management
  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Specialized support groups
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Helping Boston Professionals & Families Overcome Addiction

Providence Treatment is Boston’s most trusted provider of addiction treatment services. Our programs are designed specifically for hardworking professionals and their families. Through a blend of comprehensive, whole-person treatment and education, we help Boston residents overcome the challenges of addiction and build a solid foundation for recovery.

Addiction Treatment in Boston

We understand the unique challenges that professionals in Boston face when seeking treatment for substance use disorder and co-occurring mental illnesses. Our addiction treatment programs cater to the needs of busy professionals with demanding schedules, providing them with the flexibility and support they need to recover. We ensure that our clients are matched with programming that allows them to heal while meeting obligations at home and work. Providence Treatment helps veterinarians, dentists, members of the clergy, and other professionals.

We also have standalone treatment tracks available for three specific careers:

Physicians have access to a wide variety of medications and are more likely to misuse prescription drugs than those in other fields. These rates rise for those who work in emergency medicine and highly specialized areas like anesthesiology.

Legal professionals are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism at higher rates than the general population. 21% of licensed, employed attorneys meet the clinical criteria for problem drinking. Deadlines, long hours, and mountains of paperwork all contribute to the prevalence of substance use disorder among lawyers.

Pilots deal with back-to-back flights and are responsible for hundreds of lives each and every day. The stress associated with this profession can push many pilots to attempt “self-medication” with marijuana, stimulants, or alcohol. This habit can have deadly consequences; 11% of pilots involved in aviation accidents tested positive for drug use.

No matter which field you work in, Providence can help. Our Boston drug rehab programs are personalized to the needs of executives, licensed professionals, and everyone in between. If you have lost your credentials due to substance use and need rehabilitation, our center is your destination. We offer qualified outpatient care that can meet the standards of governing bodies throughout Massachusetts.

Offering Customized Help for Professionals

Specialized Services

Our Boston location offers a suite of sophisticated, evidence-based treatment protocols. The clinical team relies on a combination of time-tested therapies and groundbreaking research to help men and women overcome substance use disorder. Our services include individual and group therapy, specialty support groups (LGBTQ+, women, nurses, survivors), family therapy, biofeedback, laboratory monitoring, and more. We believe that group support can be life-changing. That’s why we host meetings designed to meet the needs of clients who may lack community elsewhere. At our Boston location, clients who identify as LGBTQ+, women, legal professionals, nurses, and survivors are welcome to join an array of safe, informative sessions. Speak with our admissions team to receive a schedule of upcoming meetings.

We also provide a group for professionals in training. In this setting, young adults who are new to their fields can find the support they need for navigating early sobriety. The Professionals in Training Group can accommodate medical students, law students, nursing students, pharmacy students, physician assistant students, veterinary students, and others.

Behavioral Healthcare for Boston Professionals

With our new location on Beacon Street, our professionals drug rehab is bringing accredited, proven programs of care to the Fenway area. Our Boston rehab utilizes highly regarded, award-winning methods like assessments, laboratory monitoring, and best-practice therapies to achieve positive outcomes. Providence Treatment treats substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. We also offer support for those struggling with relational challenges, disordered eating, and other conditions. Our evidence-based programs help Boston residents overcome addiction and find lasting recovery. To learn more, contact our admissions team today.

Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorder is the clinical term for addiction. In recent years, this issue has become more widespread among Boston professionals. Experts estimate that 11.3% of residents in the Boston metropolitan area are currently struggling with substance use disorder. Alcohol and heroin are the major substances of concern in our city – research shows that 25% of residents report binge drinking, and the rate of heroin overdoses increased by 76% in a two-year span.
Alcoholism, prescription drug dependence, and heroin addiction are among the most common conditions we treat at our practice. We also offer support for those diagnosed with dependencies on cocaine (powder or crack), amphetamines, cannabis, benzodiazepines, and other substances. Our treatment options include detox coordination and three levels of outpatient care: partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and standard outpatient treatment.

Co-Occurring Conditions

Addiction rarely develops on its own. Providence Treatment offers high-quality behavioral health care for those struggling with co-occurring conditions. These instances of “dual diagnosis” require swift, simultaneous treatment. When a patient presents with addiction and a mental health condition, we take immediate steps to resolve both disorders. We offer therapeutic intervention and medication management services for:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Sleep disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

By combining psychiatric support with innovative treatment protocols like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), our Boston drug rehab is able to help men, women, and their families to recover from co-occurring disorders.

Where Boston Professionals Find Freedom From Addiction

Choosing the Right Boston Drug Rehab

Is our Boston rehab right for you? The answer depends on two things: your gut instinct and our admissions criteria. Providence Treatment accepts clients who meet the following standards.
  • Over the age of 18
  • Have a diagnosable substance use disorder
  • May have a co-occurring mental illness
  • Not a danger to yourself or others
  • Willing and cognitively able to participate in treatment
  • Physically stable, ambulatory, and able to transport yourself to and from our facility
Our center specializes in helping adults, specifically high-achieving professionals, overcome substance use disorder on an outpatient basis. If this sounds like a program you would be interested in, you’re free to continue to the intake stage.

Contact Our Team

First, you’ll need to contact our admissions team either by phone or through our website. They will take some basic information and then conduct a free, no-obligation assessment. During this conversation, our team will analyze your history of substance use and determine your needs. The responses gathered at this stage will form the basis of your fully individualized treatment plan.

Ready to break the cycle of addiction? Contact our admissions office.

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