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Big Law: Toxic Workplaces and Poor Mental Health

Legal professionals are 3.6 times more likely to suffer from mental health problems than other occupations. Unfortunately, those who choose a career in Big Law are particularly at risk for poor mental health due to the high-pressure environment of these workplaces. Despite this alarming statistic, you can take steps to protect yourself and your mental health while…

physicians and nurses

Stress Among Healthcare Professionals: Physicians and Nurses

Health professionals are compassionate, driven people who work to make a positive difference in the world every day. While these careers can be rewarding, they can also be incredibly stressful. Often, physicians and nurses prioritize other people’s well-being to the detriment of their self-care, which can cause burnout and lead them to self-medicate with drugs…

mental health stats

Mental Health Statistics by State: How We Rank

While many Americans struggle with mental illnesses like anxiety and PTSD, most of them do not seek treatment from a qualified professional. The ripple effects of unaddressed mental illnesses can be devastating. For example, depression increases the risk for many types of physical health problems, particularly long-lasting conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Lost productivity…

reverse liver damage

Can Liver Damage Be Reversed?

The liver is one of the most essential organs of the body. While many associate the liver with producing bile to enhance digestion, it has many more responsibilities for assuring optimal body function. Your liver plays a role in keeping your hormones balanced, blood clotting, and removing threats to your immune system like viruses and…