binge drinking

What Is Binge Drinking?

Alcohol is so culturally acceptable and widely used that many people underestimate its potential for abuse. However, despite its somewhat innocuous reputation, alcohol is a substance that can have wide-ranging consequences on health and behavior. For instance, binge drinking has emerged as one of the most prevalent public health problems in the United States. Understanding…

anxiety at work

Anxiety at Work

While some amount of stress is inevitable in daily life, many professionals in high-pressure careers face consistently high stress levels. Anxiety can make you dread going to work, have trouble maintaining healthy relationships with colleagues or even interfere with your ability to do your job. Anxiety at work may also spill over into your home…

how to deal with trauma from work

How to Deal with Trauma from Work

When troubling events occur at your place of employment, how do you deal with trauma from work afterwards? To the average layperson, “workplace trauma” means a random shooting incident, sexual harassment, or assault. But if your career is in healthcare, you probably experience other forms of trauma multiple times each week: New waves of COVID-19…

Philadelphia Support Groups for Nurses During COVID

Providence Treatment, PNAP Launch New Support Group for Nurses

Providence Treatment has partnered with the Pennsylvania Nurse Peer Assistance Program (PNAP) to launch a new support group. The aim? To provide support for nursing staff in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.   Catering to the Needs of a Profession Before the coronavirus swept the nation, the World Health Organization named 2020 “The Year…

drug overdose deaths

Drug Overdose Deaths Reach All-Time High

In October 2017, opioid addiction—mostly due to indiscriminate prescription of painkiller medications—was declared a public health emergency in the United States. By March 2020, an even bigger health emergency—the global pandemic of COVID-19 infections—had taken public attention away from opioids. Within a year, however, it became clear that the new health crisis was fueling the old.…