how much is outpatient rehab

How Much is Outpatient Rehab?

The decision to seek help for alcohol or drug addiction involves many factors. You may be concerned about the time it will take, whether you’ll be able to continue to meet your work or family obligations, and if the program offers the treatment you need for your specific issues. Questions that are also probably top…


Providence Treatment Provides TeleTherapy

  Providence Treatment is committed to providing quality behavioral healthcare and addiction recovery support to its clients. We are equally concerned about the COVID-19/ novel coronavirus outbreak in this country, and are remaining updated daily regarding the health and welfare of all our clients and staff. We have been monitoring the daily reports from the…

PTSD in medical professionals

Recognizing and Treating PTSD in Medical Professionals

The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are often associated with military personnel who have seen action in combat. While this segment of the population certainly experiences a high level of PTSD, the condition also impacts those in healthcare quite frequently. Recognizing and treating PTSD in medical professionals is critical for the health of doctors,…

12 stages of burnout

The 12 Stages of Burnout | Identification, Prevention & Treatment

Burnout is a term coined in the 1970s to describe an extreme state of exhaustion. Professionals are particularly susceptible to burnout, which usually results from prolonged periods of severe stress. Executives, pilots, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lawyers, and members of the clergy have extremely stressful jobs as they are under constant pressure to meet deadlines and…

spirituality in addiction treatment

The Importance of Spirituality in Addiction Treatment

Spirituality in addiction treatment is essential to finding a sustainable path to recovery. Everyone has their own unique journey. It takes time to build a routine that offers you the tools to cope with everyday difficulties and maintain a substance-free life. If you aren’t comfortable with the word “spirituality,” that’s okay. You don’t necessarily need…