A woman thinks about the link between addiction and finance problems

The Link Between Addiction and Finance Problems

Substance abuse affects you across multiple spheres. You know that it takes a severe toll on interpersonal relationships. Next, you jeopardize your standing within the profession. Besides that, there’s the link between addiction and finance problems. Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate by Income Bracket It’s a common misconception that substance abuse problems happen only to other people.…


Delaware County’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force

Delaware County’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force Delaware County’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force will host their annual symposium on 11/15/18 with this year’s theme: Surpass Stigma, Welcome Wellness in terms of the stigma that working professionals must overcome to seek treatment and overcome suicidality. Dr. William Heran, co-founder of Providence Treatment, will…

A man is glad he asked what is the disciplinary monitoring unit

What is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit?

Professional Health Monitoring Programs, or PHMP, are a way for people who struggle with substance abuse disorders to stay on track. With the right support and treatment, they can maintain their licensed, professional careers and begin medical treatment. However, what is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit, and how does it play a role in recovery? Explore…


Addiction Treatment For Physicians

Providence Treatment’s Healthcare Professionals Programs for Physicians Providence Treatment has many years of experience in working with Pennsylvania Physicians’ Health Programs (PA-PHP) and their healthcare professionals (participants) including physicians. When we receive a request from PHP, we perform an independent assessment with the participant. This assessment may take from one (1) to two (2) days, depending…


Benefits Of Outpatient Treatment Center Philadelphia

Alcohol and drug addiction cannot be tackled alone.  Like other diseases, it takes personal motivation to change, a greater understanding of the disease and seeking medical/professional help from experts in your disease. Luckily, we have proven treatments for substance abuse disorders. There are many forms and venues of treatment depending on the presentation of the…

A woman is happy she asked the question what is the voluntary recovery program

What is the Voluntary Recovery Program?

Substance abuse disorders can impact students, parents, and professionals alike. Struggling with addiction doesn’t mean that your life is over, but it does mean that it is time to get help through the Voluntary Recovery Program. So, what is the Voluntary Recovery Program? Read on to learn more about the VRP and how it could…


What Are Professional Health Monitoring Programs?

No one is immune from the risks of addiction. Whether you’re a business executive, a pilot or a medical professional, you can still struggle with substance abuse. However, what are professional health monitoring programs? In short, they are a solution that can help get professionals back on track and maintain their sobriety. What are Professional…