airline pilots experience addiction

Flying the Unfriendly Skies: How Airline Pilots Experience Addiction

Airline pilots have incredibly stressful jobs. Not only are pilots responsible for the safe transport of the plane’s passengers, but they also must deal with challenging schedules, including staggered sleep schedules, confined workspaces, and constant vigilance when in the cockpit. When pilots turn to alcohol or medications to help them deal with the stress, they…

intensive family therapy

Who Needs Intensive Family Therapy?

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it affects your entire family. As a healthcare worker, first responder, lawyer, pilot, or other professional, you are understandably concerned about your relationships with co-workers, employees, and managers. However, your family members are the ones most deeply impacted by your addiction. Who needs intensive family therapy? Those…

professional laboratory monitoring

What is Professional Laboratory Monitoring?

Random drug and alcohol testing is a requirement for many safety-sensitive professions. Pilots and other transportation professionals must be tested regularly to ensure they are fit for duty. When professionals are in treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, random testing can also help reinforce their progress in recovery. Professional laboratory monitoring helps ensure testing…

covid mental health

COVID-19 and mental health: How does our world cope with prolonged fear, insecurity and anxiety?

As the pandemic continues and there’s still so much prolonged uncertainty about our futures, many of us will begin to experience stress and significant mental health concerns. There are millions of people who are already suffering from psychiatric and mental health conditions, even prior to the pandemic. Those pre-existing conditions do put those individuals at…