In the fast-paced, high-pressure world of finance, just how prevalent is drug and alcohol abuse? While it may not be as rampant as portrayed in a film like The Wolf of Wall Street, it certainly does happen. For men and women in this industry, the right treatment must fit into their lives. Otherwise, they might not get the help they need because they feel it’s too inconvenient or out of reach. What does addiction treatment for financial professionals look like, and is it something you need?

What Puts This Group at Risk?

a man looks content after addiction treatment for financial professionalsFinance professionals include investment bankers, stockbrokers, and traders. They often experience a high amount of stress due to their occupations. They also work long hours. While the rate of cocaine abuse in this industry is lower than they heydays of the 1970s and 1980s, alcohol abuse and the abuse of other stimulants is ongoing.

Addiction treatment for financial professionals addresses their needs, including the tendency of people in this field to take risks. Many people with substance abuse issues exhibit thrill-seeking behaviors.

Although dealing in investments and stocks may not be physically dangerous, the adrenaline rush someone feels after a successful transaction can be just as intense as the one a person feels during skydiving. People who crave this type of rush are more likely to fall into drug and alcohol addiction than people who don’t.

Why Addiction Treatment for Financial Professionals Is Necessary

Many people in the finance industry want to present a picture of success to the world. They deal in the financial affairs of wealthy individuals and huge corporations, and these responsibilities come with a high level of stress and pressure. In addition, the socializing that a lot of these professionals participate in often involves heavy drinking as they entertain clients or interact with colleagues.

Those who work in the finance sector may turn to drug and alcohol abuse to cope with that stress and pressure. Stimulants help them stay awake for the long hours their job requires, while they use alcohol for winding down after a tough work week, which is often well over 80 hours or more.

As someone continues using, his tolerance increases and so does his dependency on addictive substances. Addiction can quickly follow.

How Addiction Treatment for Financial Professionals Works

When you’re in a high-pressure field with many work obligations to fulfill, can you possibly fit addiction treatment into your life? You can and you should. Without help, you risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard for, including your family, job, and savings.

Some programs for addiction treatment for financial professionals are outpatient only. You can fulfill your work obligations and then get treatment afterward. Specialists who work with high-level executives and other professionals understand the need for specific programs for people who hold down these types of jobs.

Men and women in this industry usually can’t walk away from work for 30 or 60 days as they attend residential rehab. They need effective treatment that allows them to continue to meet their responsibilities.

Outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment can be the appropriate solution.

The Right Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Providence Treatment is an outpatient facility that provides treatment for professionals, including those in the financial industry. We have locations in Media and Philadelphia.

While there are thousands of treatment centers around the country, we are one of a small handful focusing on professionals. We’re also the only approved outpatient program catering to professionals from DC to Maine. We provide addiction treatment for healthcare professionals, pilots, executives, and more.

Our services include:

Do you want personalized addiction treatment for financial professionals that gives you the best chance for a successful recovery? Then reach out to Providence Treatment, where you’ll be in an environment among other professionals like you. It’s time to get control of your life back and leave drug and alcohol addiction behind. Call us today at 866-247-3307 to learn more.