Addiction Treatment Services at Providence Treatment

At Providence Treatment, we offer a full array of addiction treatment services for professionals and professionals-in-training with substance use and mental health disorders. Whether you’re a pilot, dentist, or a member of the clergy, our state-of-the art therapies will provide you with tools and strategies to succeed in early recovery and beyond as you return to your profession.

We conduct a complete and thorough assessment with each client, keeping in mind the risks of early recovery. Of course, each client is encouraged to participate in this process. The recommendations made by the clinical team help form the blueprint for the course of addiction therapy and may include the following services:

Substance Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

Substance abuse claims the lives, relationships, savings, and well-being of millions of Americans each year. At Providence Treatment, our state-licensed addiction treatment and behavioral health program offers individualized services that promote healing in your personal life, spirituality, family, and career.

Providence Treatment provides an alcohol and drug treatment program and continuum of care that includes: boutique-style sober living, family counseling, aftercare planning, and post-rehab support. In a welcoming, reflective environment, clients participate in traditional and holistic programming that is evidence-based and customized to their unique needs.

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What Makes Our Addiction Treatment Services Unique

At Providence, we pride ourselves on a positive approach to recovery that takes into account the unique strengths and extraordinary abilities of our clients. Our customizable addiction treatment is based upon a 12-step program of recovery as well as mindfulness and other psychotherapeutic support strategies.

  • Providence focuses on the mind, body and spirit.
  • We introduce individual and interpersonal skill building in a real-world setting.
  • We incorporate cognitive behavioral therapies, mindfulness-based stress reduction, spiritual growth and insight and promote healthy living practices.
  • Providence addresses the core issues that bring the client to treatment while creating customized strategies toward attainable success.
  • We facilitate a 12-step program for living as well as evidence-based therapies.

PA Addiction Rehab Features

Achieving whole person wellness—body, mind, spirit—is crucial to sustainable recovery. Providence’s substance abuse programming addresses each of these areas, and includes the following:

Substance Abuse Program Benefits

Providence Treatment is unique in both its small size and mature-adult focus. Programming is rigorous as well as transformative, taking place in a confidential environment with a skilled team of credentialed specialists. During each phase of our progressive programs, therapists track client progress to assure appropriate levels of care and encourage accountability in daily recovery activities.

Overcoming a substance misuse disorder also requires a vigilant, daily commitment, so Providence offers aftercare guidance and alumni programs that support lasting sobriety. For more information, give us a call at 866-247-3307.

“I have seen hundreds of families set their feet in the path that really goes somewhere … I have seen men come out of asylums and resume a vital place in the lives of their families and communities. Business and professional men have regained their standing.”
~Bill Wilson

More About Our Addiction Treatment Services

We’re here to help you or someone you love find the addiction treatment services needed for long-term sobriety. To learn more, or to enroll in one of our programs,

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