A drug or alcohol addiction roots in your past while damaging your present and future. Of course, you can get help for this problem and stop the damage today. Through psychotherapy, education, and support in rehab, you can put these difficult days behind you and return to progressing in your career.

How Psychotherapy Helps You Gain Recovery

A woman talks to her therapist during a psychotherapy sessionPsychotherapy helps you gain and maintain sobriety as well as prevent relapse. It also supports you as you grow into your recovery and deal with ongoing stress. Psychotherapy enables you to understand the role of your triggers, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, social connections, and situations in your life. Through all of this understanding, you learn coping skills for overcoming relapse early and living your healthiest, happiest future.

Psychotherapy is talk therapy. You spend time with a licensed therapist in private, one-on-one sessions. During these sessions, you focus on your own needs and other issues in your life. Therapy helps in many ways and through many problems, including the following:

Major Life Issues

Death in your family, job loss, breakups, divorce, major illnesses, and other issues often lead people back into drug or alcohol abuse. Through therapy, you learn how to prepare for and cope with these problems.

Past Trauma

Having events of past trauma in your life, such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, or violence causes many people to self-medicate. However, with therapy, you can learn to cope with these memories and even overcome them.


Many people put themselves last and others first. This makes you slip into a vulnerable position where substance abuse can begin again. In therapy, you learn better self-care to maintain your energy and positive outlook.

Combined Approaches Work Best

In addiction rehab, you need multiple types of therapy and other methods of treatment, including support, coping skills development, and addiction education. You may also benefit from medication if you suffer from a co-occurring condition like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental illness.

In addition to standard talk therapy, a mix of other treatments and services provides your best chance of lasting recovery. These therapies and services include the following:

As a professional yourself, you know that the keys to lasting recovery exist in gaining comprehensive evaluation, proper diagnosis, individualized care, and treatment by qualified therapists. This means you need a rehab program specializing in the treatment of business, legal, medical, and aviation professionals.

All of that treatment, therapy, care, and support takes place in an accredited rehab program designed just for professionals. Under Joint Commission accreditation, you can overcome your addiction and get back to success in your professional and personal lives.

Psychotherapy and Rehab Treatment for Professionals in Philadelphia

In Media, Pennsylvania, Providence Treatment offers a full array of treatment services designed for business, medical, legal, and aviation professionals. At Providence Treatment, we rehab also treats interns and students on the path into these professions. Through dual diagnosis care, these professionals gain help for substance abuse and mental illnesses using state-of-the-art therapies and treatments.

Besides doctors, lawyers, and pilots, Providence Treatment also treats dentists, pharmacists, and members of the clergy. You undergo treatment alongside mature professionals just like you. Providence Treatment also helps you smoothly get back to work through coordination with licensing boards, chief pilots, boards of directors, and other governing bodies.

Your rehabilitation at Providence Treatment focuses daily on core issues of your recovery. This focus includes talk therapy, individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, and couples counseling.

Levels of care at Providence Treatment include the following:

If you or a medical, aviation, legal, pharmaceutical, or clergy professional you love need help ending drug or alcohol abuse, then call Providence Treatment now at 866-247-3307. Recovery from addiction and mental disorders is possible with the right psychotherapy regimen. So call Joint Commission-accredited Providence Treatment in Media, PA now.