Although alcohol consumption is widespread, some individuals will struggle with alcohol abuse or even addiction. If alcohol abuse is impacting your health, relationships, or career, then it is time to get help. Fortunately, alcohol addiction rehab at Providence Treatment is a great option. Clients can get help overcoming addiction and getting back to their careers, families, and lives as quickly as possible.

Exploring the Causes of Alcohol Addiction

A man holds a drink with his head down on a table as he thinks about how he needs alcohol addiction treatment at an alcohol addiction rehab centerAll too often, alcohol addiction treatment will only address the symptoms of alcohol abuse. Obviously, these symptoms are problematic and need attention. However, just treating the symptoms won’t help clients stay sober for a lifetime. In order to truly lead to lasting sobriety, alcohol addiction treatment needs to address the root causes of alcoholism.

Many factors can cause alcohol addiction, and it will often be a combination of several factors at once. Many clients will benefit from mental health support, and others can gain a lot from trauma therapy. Whether clients are in need of talk therapy, behavioral therapy, or family therapy, the right support can expose and hopefully resolve underlying issues.

Planning For a Lifetime of Sobriety

Alcohol addiction rehab isn’t something that can solve alcoholism in a matter of weeks. True recovery takes time, and the best rehab programs have a plan for long-term success. Clients should expect to participate in some kind of recovery program for months or even years. Treatment starts as a more intensive program and then steps down over time until clients can get back to their independent lives.

Starting with an inpatient program is common. This allows for 24/7 support at the beginning of the recovery process. From there, clients can choose from a range of outpatient addiction treatment options. These include a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, and even sober living opportunities. Clients can follow their own timelines but receive plenty of support every step of the way.

Working Toward Reintegration Into the Workforce

Alcohol addiction rehab is the first step toward getting sober. When clients regain their health, then they are better prepared to head back to their careers. During addiction treatment for professionals at Providence Treatment, there is an extra focus on workforce reintegration.

For many professionals, getting back to work is about more than just maintaining licenses to practice. It is also about being strong enough to handle the stress of a challenging job without relapse. It involves learning to communicate while sober, and it requires clients to have the necessary resources and support. Fortunately, professional alcohol addiction rehab can help clients get on track and get back to their professional lives in less time.

Creating a Strong Support System

Although it might be possible to overcome alcohol addiction on your own, having a support system makes it much easier. The risk of relapse increases a lot if you try to get sober on your own. The support system you create should cater to your needs and your lifestyle. In rehab, clients can learn how to create the right support system.

For many clients, a support system means family. During family therapy sessions, loved ones can learn how to be supportive without enabling further substance abuse. Sometimes, your support system can include close friends or colleagues.

During rehab, some clients will also create their own support systems by recruiting peers. Others who understand what you’re going through may be the best form of accountability and advice in the years to come. Your therapists and addiction counselors can also play a role in supporting your lifelong sobriety.

What to Expect From Alcohol Addiction Rehab at Providence Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment at Providence Treatment is not just a bandaid for alcoholism. It is a serious commitment and a path to a healthier, happier, and sober life. Clients can choose from a variety of program types, and some of the many therapies available include:

Alcohol addiction rehab can help clients find their path back to sobriety. At Providence Treatment in Media, Pennsylvania, professionals can regain the strength to head back to their careers. Call 866-247-3307 to learn more about creating your path to lifelong recovery from addiction.