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Medication Management

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Medication Evaluation and Management

Providence Treatment has partnered with Dr. Joseph Garbely and the Center for Professional Development in Haverford, PA to provide excellent medication evaluations and ongoing management of medication regimens. Dr. Garbely is a Board certified Addictionologist and has treated professionals in recovery for almost two decades. It is critical to treat any mood, attention, cognitive, or any other psychiatric illness that is present when treating the substance use disorder. We integrate the services of Dr. Garbely into our program, understanding that some clients require psychopharmacologic support, as well as talk therapies to heal and make progress in early recovery. At Providence Treatment, we work closely with the client to educate them on the safe and appropriate use of non-addictive medications.

Often there are mental illnesses that co-occur with clients such as: bipolar illness, major depression, severe anxiety, OCD and post-traumatic stress disorder. Medications are often indicated to help stabilize a client and provide space for them to attend and absorb the program materials and get maximal benefit from our therapies and ensure a better change for a sustainable recovery. If these conditions are not treated well, then their associated symptoms usually contribute to unstable and unpredictable mood states, which can lead to a relapse. Therefore, treating a substance use disorder requires close attention to any other diagnosed mental illness and at Providence Treatment we make this a priority. We often will recommend our clients to attend mutual support groups for their specific mental illness (e.g. bipolar illness) in addition to their participation in AA or NA meetings.

Offering Customized Help for Professionals

At our sober living residence, we assist clients with their own self-administration of their medications. We encourage them to have a dialogue with their prescriber to make sure they understand how this medication is working for them and how long should they be expected to take such medication. For many, the course of pharmacological therapy may be life long, but for others it may be just years. The point here is for the addict to begin to have a different and more healthy relationship with medications and a prescriber.