Prescription drugs can and do have a place in the medical world. While certain medications can help people live healthier, safer lives, many of those same medications have the potential for abuse. Once an individual becomes dependent on prescription drugs, then rehab is a necessity. Explore prescription drug addiction rehab at Providence Treatment as well as what clients can expect from the process.

Recognizing Prescription Drug Addiction

A man realizes he needs prescription drug addiction treatment at a prescription drug addiction rehab centerBefore prescription drug addiction treatment can begin, clients have to acknowledge that there is a problem in the first place. Prescription drug addiction can be harder to identify than any other kind of addiction. That’s because many individuals start taking prescription drugs for a legitimate medical reason. Even once abuse of these drugs begins, individuals may have a hard time acknowledging that fact.

Taking prescription drugs doesn’t mean that addiction is present. Even long-term use of certain medications is perfectly fine, assuming it occurs under medical supervision. Certain medications, however, like benzodiazepines and opioid painkillers, can be highly addictive after just a few weeks or months of consumption.

Often, clients begin taking a prescription drug as their doctor recommends. Over time, their bodies might adjust to the effects of the medication. This is when some people can start to take larger doses or doctor shop in order to fill multiple prescriptions. If this sounds like you or a loved one, then prescription drug addiction rehab is likely the right choice.

Identifying Medical Problems That Need Alternative Treatment

As mentioned, most people don’t develop prescription drug addictions because they wanted to abuse recreational drugs. Instead, it is common for clients to start taking medications to deal with a preexisting medical condition. Once the addiction receives treatment, getting help for that medical condition will become more important than ever.

If you rely on prescription painkillers for chronic pain, you don’t have to choose between a pain-free life and sobriety. Instead, rehab might be the opportunity to explore new means of chronic pain relief. There are many methods for pain management that don’t lead back to addiction or relapse.

Finding a Personalized Route to Recovery

Prescription drug addiction treatment isn’t the same for every client. No two individuals are the same, so no two individuals should try to approach sobriety in exactly the same way. To learn more about each individual client, Providence Treatment begins prescription drug addiction rehab with a two-day comprehensive evaluation. This is just the start of a custom route to recovery for each client.

Also important is identifying any underlying issues for each client. If a client has a history of trauma or a diagnosis like PTSD, then trauma therapy might be a big part of their recovery plan. Other clients might struggle with stress relief, so learning how to unwind could be critical. There are many different types of therapy out there, and clients can pick and choose the best options for them during prescription drug addiction rehab.

Planning For a Lifetime of Sobriety

Clients should never expect that total lasting sobriety can be found after just 28 days of treatment. True recovery takes time, and it will require effort and maintenance for years to come. Starting with inpatient rehab is often a great idea. This allows clients to receive 24/7 support and care during the toughest parts of the recovery process.

After that, outpatient addiction treatment can be ideal, especially for those with professional careers. Addiction treatment for professionals might include a partial hospitalization program or an intensive outpatient program. The goal is to give clients more and more independence so that they are ready to head back to their careers healthier and happier than before.

Prescription Drug Addiction Rehab at Providence Treatment

At Providence Treatment, prescription drug addiction treatment is a comprehensive process. It involves a wide range of therapies and strategies, and it focuses on lasting results. Some of the most effective treatment methods available at Providence Treatment include the following:

Prescription drug addiction rehab can pave the way for a healthier and more fulfilling life. At Providence Treatment in Media, Pennsylvania, clients can break free from addiction once and for all. Call 866-247-3307 to pave your way to recovery that lasts a lifetime.