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The Admissions Process

Providence Treatment personnel will perform the intake and admission process at a time when the client’s immediate physiological effects of drug and alcohol have subsided. We will disclose to the client the criteria for admission, treatment, completion and discharge through the process of initial progress notes and/or an orientation packet. The client orientation packet will include:

  • Nature and goals of the treatment, rules and responsibilities, and requirements for admission and completion of treatment
  • Treatment Schedule and services provided
  • The treatment costs, including insurance coverage
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Criteria for Admissions

The criteria for admission into our addiction treatment programs include:

  • Clients must be age 18 and over
  • Providence Treatment provides impartial access to treatment regardless of creed, sex, ethnicity, color, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or disability.
  • Clients with stable physical conditions not requiring sub-acute admissions
  • Clients with sufficient cognitive abilities to participate meaningfully in treatment
  • Clients who are at minimal or no risk of danger to self or others.
  • Clients who are ambulatory and able to commute himself/herself to and from Providence Treatment
  • Clients showing evidence of recent psychoactive substance abuse, which requires monitoring or observation.
  • Clients who have an understanding of community support services and the processes to utilize these.
  • Clients who may have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis (e.g. –depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.)

Once the client is admitted, we will immediately begin the intake process where we will collect the client’s medical history, substance abuse history and personal history to allow us to formulate the basis from which the psychosocial evaluation and subsequent treatment plan can be developed. Our psychosocial evaluation will provide a composite picture of the client to identify possible relationships, conditions and causes leading to the client’s current situation. Our preliminary treatment plan will be based on information derived from the intake information, initial interview and the psychosocial evaluation.