Inpatient rehab is an excellent opportunity for many people grappling with drug and alcohol addiction to get the treatment they need. However, this type of care isn’t always the best option—or the most feasible—for everyone. Some people, particularly professionals across various fields, can’t leave their job responsibilities for weeks or months at a time. However, the right addiction treatment for dentists doesn’t have to involve residential treatment in a facility at all.

When Addiction Treatment for Dentists Is Necessary

A woman is thankful she sought out addiction treatment for dentistsAddiction doesn’t discriminate. From those in poverty to celebrities and business executives, drug and alcohol abuse can impact anyone. Furthermore, people in the healthcare industry have an easier time getting their hands on certain substances due to the nature of their jobs.

While dentists are no more likely than anyone else to fall victim to drug and alcohol addiction, they often require specialized treatment. It doesn’t matter if they operate their own practice or they’re part of a bigger network. Professionals have a lot to lose if they don’t get addiction treatment for dentists before it’s too late.

Because they usually can’t stop practicing while they get treatment, they need programs that cater to their schedules and careers. These types of programs aren’t as widely available as others, which is why finding addiction treatment for dentists or other healthcare professionals is so important.

Without treatment, a dentist who suffers from addiction runs the risk of providing improper care to a patient. She might prescribe the wrong medication or the wrong dose. As addiction advances, she could begin missing work, which can be damaging to her business and reputation.

Addiction Treatment for Dentists and Other Professionals

For dentists who are sole practitioners, work can be particularly lonely. Feeling isolated is one of those common contributing factors to drug and alcohol abuse. When a person feels alone or like he doesn’t have support from those close to him, he may drink heavily or abuse drugs to bury those negative emotions.

Why is addiction treatment for dentists so hard for some professionals to seek out? For one, many people with addiction issues (not just professionals) are in denial. They’re just not ready to acknowledge that they have any problem at all. They justify heavy drinking or drug abuse by saying their jobs are incredibly stressful. They say they use to relax and that they can stop any time they want to.

Secondly, they may be afraid of what will happen if anyone finds out about their addiction. They might worry they could lose their license, which would lead to many other negative consequences. Some of them are concerned they could face jail time.

However, getting addiction treatment for healthcare professionals can help save your job, health, and family when you take the first step of admitting you need it. Instead of letting things continue to spiral out of control, get help now.

There are treatment options available even for those in demanding professions. You can continue taking care of your work and family responsibilities while getting the life-changing care you need to be healthier, happier, and more successful.

Transformative Treatment for Professionals

At Providence Treatment in Media, Pennsylvania, our skilled staff understands how important it is that professionals across various industries receive appropriate care as they overcome drug and alcohol addiction. We work with dentists, nurse practitioners, medical students, business executives, pilots, and more.

Although you’ll find thousands of addiction treatment centers across the U.S., only a small number of rehabs focus on professionals. We provide the only approved outpatient program targeted to this group from Washington, D.C. to Maine.

The services we offer include:

Our dedicated team has a mission of improving the lives of professionals who are fighting the damaging effects of drug and alcohol addiction. We understand how hard you’ve worked to create a successful, thriving career. Let us help you preserve it by starting you on your way to recovery. Call us today at 866-247-3307 to find out more about addiction treatment for dentists.