Specialized Addiction Treatment For Physicians

Addiction Treatment for Physicians

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Gabe Lau, PhD, PE
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Gabe Lau is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Providence Treatment Companies.

Addiction Treatment for Physicians

Asking for help isn’t easy for most people, but it can be even more challenging for busy professionals like medical providers. The lack of resources for physicians experiencing addiction often means that medical professionals don’t get help when they need it. We’re here to change that. 

Providence Treatment is approved to work with physicians, whereas many other addiction treatment facilities and programs aren’t. We have locations in Honolulu, Boston, and Philadelphia so that professionals in various parts of the United States can get the support they need. So, what should you know if you or the professional in your life needs addiction treatment?

This page will discuss why addiction treatment for physicians matters, our levels of care, and some of the features that make us the best drug rehab center on the East Coast for physicians seeking help.

Offering Customized Help for Professionals

Why Does Physicians' Addiction Treatment Matter?

Anyone can experience addiction. However, professionals like physicians have specific treatment considerations that can make a difference in how — or if — they seek help. 

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a particularly major problem among physicians. While the abuse of prescription drugs is rare within the population, one survey found that 12.9% of male physicians and 21.4% of female physicians met the criteria for alcohol dependence or abuse. A total of 7,288 physicians completed this survey. 

Physicians who met the criteria for alcohol dependence or abuse also faced burnout, lower career satisfaction, recent medical errors, suicidal ideation, lower quality of life, and depression at higher rates. These statistics indicate a dire need for addiction treatment for physicians. 

Providence Treatment offers discreet outpatient addiction rehab services for professionals facing any type of substance use disorder.

Physicians Drug Rehab Programs and Services

Providence Treatment’s physicians drug rehab is a 100% outpatient treatment facility. Our substance abuse programs are unique because they are designed with the needs of medical providers and other professionals in mind. Here are our services for physicians and a little bit about what to expect in addiction treatment for physicians at Providence Health.

Medical detoxification can be an essential precursor to addiction treatment. Providence Treatment can refer you to medical detox services nearby to help you get off of drugs and alcohol safely and successfully prior to entering treatment with us. Usually, clients stay in detox for 1-2 weeks maximum.

The partial hospitalization program (PHP) for physicians at Providence Treatment requires a time commitment of about 20 hours per week. As a PHP client, you’ll attend Providence Treatment on weekdays for a combination of specialized addiction and mental health therapy services in a cohort setting. PHP can be an ideal alternative to inpatient rehab for suitable clients who do not want to live on-site at a treatment center.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers similar therapy services but has a reduced time commitment compared to PHP. IOP clients at Providence Treatment can expect a time commitment of about nine hours per week. Sessions take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings so that you can return to or continue work while in treatment. 

Our standard outpatient program offers outpatient therapy services with an even lower time commitment than IOP. In many cases, clients in our physicians drug rehab programs transition down to standard outpatient care near the end of their treatment journey. Hybrid therapy sessions are available to make continued care possible for busy physicians and other working professionals.

Before you graduate from your program at Providence Treatment, we’ll help you make an aftercare plan, which may include some ongoing services at our facility or other plans and services that support your long-term sobriety. 

Ask About Our Specialized Addiction Treatment for Professionals

What Makes Providence Treatment Unique?

What makes Providence Treatment special, in addition to offering specialized addiction treatment for physicians? Here are some of the features that set our facilities and programs apart from the rest.

  • Individualized treatment plans: All Providence Treatment clients get a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation and work with staff to create an individualized treatment plan. During your evaluation, we’ll discuss any concerns you might have about treatment, dual diagnosis concerns, symptom severity, and anything else that might be relevant to your treatment with us. No two clients are alike, and our approach to care reflects that.  
  • Evidence-based care: Our team uses only the best treatments for addiction and mental health. Providence Treatment offers a broad range of therapies and treatment services, including but not at all limited to cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, family therapy, medication management, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).
  • Executive sober living: For some clients, the appeal of outpatient care is that they get to live at home. Others may prefer to stay in or benefit from sober living. We offer sober living in Philadelphia for professionals.
  • Long-term programs: Our flexible outpatient programs let clients get support long term, which can improve recovery outcomes. Even if treatment hours are reduced over time, many of our clients continue working with us for about a year. That way, you can transition back into daily life with a strong support system by your side. 
  • Health insurance coverage: Providence Treatment works with most major insurance carriers. Using your health insurance plan can help you cover the cost of addiction treatment for physicians. Verifying your insurance coverage for a program at Providence Treatment takes just a few minutes when you give us a call. 
  • Support for families: In many cases, family members are negatively impacted by their loved ones substance use disorder. We offer support for family members and other loved ones of those in our programs.
  • Specialized support groups: Some physicians seeking help for addiction might be a part of specific demographic groups with additional treatment considerations. We offer a variety of specialized groups so that you have a safe space to talk about what’s on your mind and meet other clients you can relate to. For example, our LGBTQIA+ support group and women’s support group.  

Getting addiction treatment tailored to the needs of physicians can improve your quality of life, help you establish sustainable coping skills, and potentially even save your career, personal health, and interpersonal relationships. If you have any questions about starting treatment for addiction as a physician at Providence Treatment, our staff members can help.

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