Addiction Treatment for Lawyers

Lawyers are far from immune from the grasp of addiction. In fact, a national study of nearly 13,000 licensed, employed lawyers published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, found that lawyers struggle with substance abuse, particularly drinking, as well as depression and anxiety more than some other professionals. As a result, offering addiction treatment for lawyers is important.

Other highlights of the study include the following:

  • 21 percent of licensed, employed attorneys qualify as problem drinkers
  • 28% suffer from depression
  • 19% show symptoms of anxiety

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Why Our Addiction Rehab for Lawyers Works

Indeed, the deadlines, long hours, and pressures felt by many lawyers can manifest in many health risks. These risks include drug and alcohol abuse as well as co-occurring mental illnesses.

Our professionals program is designed to give lawyers a comfortable and confidential environment away from chemical substances and addictive triggers.

At Providence Treatment, our continuum of care provides lawyers with the support and skills needed to undergo rehab and to maintain sustained recovery as they return to their professions. We even work with your licensing authority, with your written permission, to communicate progress and recommendations toward re-entry into your profession.

Our addiction treatment for lawyers includes the following:

  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Traditional and holistic therapies for whole-person wellness
  • Skills to return to your family and jobs without relapse
  • Post-rehab support and monitoring
  • Community giving back program
  • Continuing care group for local alumni
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If you or someone you love is a lawyer and needs help for substance use disorder, then you’ve come to the right place. At Providence Treatment, it’s our goal to provide professionals (and their families) with the tools and strategies needed for early recovery and when they return to practicing law. To learn more, call 866-247-3307.

Ask About Our Addiction Treatment for Physicians

The road to lifelong recovery for yourself or for a physician in your life is just a phone call away. At Providence Treatment, we’ll help you mainstream your addiction treatment and meet the requirements of your licensing board. To learn more,

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