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evening treatment program

Evening Substance Abuse Treatment Boston

In our fast-paced world, professionals like attorneys and health providers face unique challenges. Among these is the need to balance your lifestyle with your demanding ...
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world mental health day professionals

World Mental Health Day

October 10 marks World Mental Health Day, an initiative led by the World Federation for Mental Health. Every year, this day reminds us of the ...
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burnout among surgeons

Surgeons and Mental Health

Behind the white coat, bedside demeanor and precise scalpel movements lies a professional under immense pressure. Renowned for their expertise and resilience under pressure, surgeons ...
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treatment for pilots

Rising Above Addiction: Substance Use Treatment for Pilots

To an outside observer, a pilot’s life may seem glamorous and exciting. But in reality, being a pilot is a high-pressure, high-stakes career. Pilots carry ...
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improve work-life balance

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

The demands of a high-pressure career sometimes blur the line between your work and personal life. For professionals like attorneys, health care workers and C-suite ...
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drug diversion in nursing

Drug Diversion in Nursing

Drug diversion – a crime that involves redirecting prescription medications from their lawful path – is a significant issue within the health care industry. Despite ...
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executive burnout

Executive Burnout in Boston

In workplaces around the U.S., burnout is a leading contributor to low productivity, high turnover and poor morale. This insidious form of work stress continues ...
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after-hours intrusions

After-Hours Intrusions Increase Employee Stress, Depression

With technology like smartphones being so ubiquitous and more workplaces implementing bring-your-own-device policies, many employees feel compelled to bring work home with them. The rise ...
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Alcohol Use Disorder & the Impaired Professional

Mark your calendars! Tomorrow, Providence Treatment’s own Dr. William Heran will be collaborating with Dr. Ryan Schmidt of The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper ...
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depression in doctors

Long Hours May Cause Depression in Young Doctors

As the COVID emergency enters its third year, doctors and medical professionals have learned they need a good work-life balance if they’re going to survive. ...
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