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burnout among surgeons

Surgeons and Mental Health

Behind the white coat, bedside demeanor and precise scalpel movements lies a professional under immense pressure. Renowned for their expertise and resilience under pressure, surgeons
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treatment for pilots

Rising Above Addiction: Substance Use Treatment for Pilots

To an outside observer, a pilot’s life may seem glamorous and exciting. But in reality, being a pilot is a high-pressure, high-stakes career. Pilots carry
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improve work-life balance

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

The demands of a high-pressure career sometimes blur the line between your work and personal life. For professionals like attorneys, health care workers and C-suite
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drug diversion in nursing

Drug Diversion in Nursing

Drug diversion – a crime that involves redirecting prescription medications from their lawful path – is a significant issue within the health care industry. Despite
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executive burnout

Executive Burnout in Boston

In workplaces around the U.S., burnout is a leading contributor to low productivity, high turnover and poor morale. This insidious form of work stress continues
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after-hours intrusions

After-Hours Intrusions Increase Employee Stress, Depression

With technology like smartphones being so ubiquitous and more workplaces implementing bring-your-own-device policies, many employees feel compelled to bring work home with them. The rise
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Alcohol Use Disorder & the Impaired Professional

Mark your calendars! Tomorrow, Providence Treatment’s own Dr. William Heran will be collaborating with Dr. Ryan Schmidt of The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper
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depression in doctors

Long Hours May Cause Depression in Young Doctors

As the COVID emergency enters its third year, doctors and medical professionals have learned they need a good work-life balance if they’re going to survive.
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physicians and nurses

Stress Among Healthcare Professionals: Physicians and Nurses

Health professionals are compassionate, driven people who work to make a positive difference in the world every day. While these careers can be rewarding, they
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alcohol rehab in Boston

Addiction in Boston: Understanding the Epidemic

The United States is in the grips of a nationwide drug and alcohol epidemic that has left no community untouched. Though the opioid crisis has
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