PHP for Philadelphia Professionals & Executives

As one of PA’s finest premier, state-licensed, multi-level substance abuse and behavioral health programs, Providence Treatment provides tailored care for licensed professionals and executives in need of addiction recovery. Providence’s Professionals Program provides a comprehensive and integrative model of treatment that includes individual, group, couples and family therapy. This proven 12-Step facilitated partial hospitalization program blends rigorous, systematic programming with an emphasis on relapse prevention and nurturing the elements of a sustainable recovery from alcohol or drug use for each of its clients—making it ideal for executives and licensed professionals.

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Who Benefits From PHP?

Healing mind, body and spirit is critical to a sustained recovery from drug and alcohol use. At Providence Treatment, our PHP clients attend intensive, in-facility programming during the day. At night, they return home or to a sober living environment. In this PHP setting, executives and professionals receive the personalized care they require while leveraging “off time” to focus on their own recovery and psychological needs.

Providence Treatment’s PHP caters to a professional clientele that includes, but is not limited to pilots, attorneys, CEOs and senior executives, physicians, and mental health professionals. Our partial hospitalization program is also a wise choice for those managing co-occurring mental health or mood disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or bipolar disorder. It is not unusual for people in high-stress occupations to suffer from more than one co-occurring issue. We’ve assembled a seasoned team of clinicians to conduct evaluations, counseling and medication management services for professionals requiring customized care to maintain a personal transformation in recovery.

Advantages of a Partial Hospitalization Program for Professionals & Executives

In Providence Treatment’s comfortable, confidential environment, PHP clients participate in a full schedule of group and individual therapy sessions. These sessions focus on: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Mindfulness and meditation training, and also relapse prevention. We also utilize complimentary medical best practice interventions such as: acupuncture, chair massage, EMDR, neurofeedback, recovery yoga and career counseling.

Additional benefits of partial hospitalization for Philadelphia professionals include:

Supervised detox

Prior to engaging in the PHP, all clients are assessed whether they require a safe, comfortable detoxification. We coordinate the availability of this service with you at a local medical facility. The medically-monitored detox is complete within three to five days and clients move on to the intervention stage of rehab.

Structured accountability

Participation in daily outpatient therapy and random monitoring promotes a heightened sense of discipline and accountability. When needed, Providence Treatment’s team also assists licensed professionals navigate suspension or disciplinary actions while meeting occupational guidelines.

Peer support

PHP clients join a community of like-minded professionals who support one another during treatment, reintegration and aftercare. You cannot achieve recovery alone, so we encourage our clients to engage fully with other clients in the program. We also encourage initiating their 12-Step program with a temporary sponsor, home group, and Step work.

Evidence-based programming

Providence Treatment’s clients engage in daily individual, or group treatment with a highly trained clinician. These treatments use evidence-based therapies such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 12-Step Facilitation, Resiliency Training, Mindfulness-based Recovery strategies, and much more.

Applied Recovery

Providence Treatment is the only program in the region that requires their clients to perform acts of service to strengthen sobriety’s resolve. Our clients spend time in local charities to hopefully grow skills in empathy and a deeper appreciation for self-compassion and a greater sense of kindness towards those less fortunate.

Outpatient Drug Help for Professionals

Emphasizing discretion, the Providence Professionals Program helps clients progress through the treatment protocol while developing skills to advance their careers and adopt a healthy life balance. This results in a more fulfilling relationship with themselves and others. From detox to relapse prevention, Providence Professionals Program offers a continuum of care with the option to extend treatment by enrolling in outpatient and sober living programs. To learn more about our partial hospitalization program, call 866-247-3307.

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