Treatment That Works
for Busy Professionals.
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Flexible Addiction Programs

for the Busy Professional

We understand the stress and fatigue caused by demanding
professional careers, and our addiction programs cater to career-driven
individuals and their schedules.
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Treating Professionals with

Substance Use Disorders

Substance abuse claims the lives, relationships, savings, and well-being
of millions of professionals each year. Our state-licensed programs promote
healing in your personal and professional life.
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Help in Philadelphia & Beyond

Two Convenient Locations

Understanding your need for privacy and the intricacies of your career
is at the core of our addiction and behavioral health services.
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In Boston, MA

For Professionals

We are excited about providing our quality substance use and mental health
assessment and clinical services to the professional men and women in Boston.
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Welcome to Providence Treatment


The Best Drug Rehab Center on the East Coast

At our locations for addiction treatment in Boston and Philadelphia, our mission is to improve the lives of professionals struggling with the debilitating effects of alcohol and drug addiction and the negative impact it has on their families and careers. With a biopsychosocial and spiritual focus, we utilize a unique integrated care model to treat both the client and their support system. The word “providence” means “timely preparation for future eventualities” and we are 100% focused on preparing our clients for a future that includes fulfilling professional careers and personal lives.

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Our Locations

Providence Treatment grew out of its co-founder, Dr. William Heran’s private practice and was established in 2014 in Media, PA. Over the years, we’ve expanded our East Coast-based drug rehab to include a second location in Philadelphia in 2019, then two offices in Hawaii and Massachusetts in 2020 and 2022, respectively . Our hope is to connect professionals with the recovery resources they need, no matter where they’re based.

Providence Professionals Programs

Every person experiences addiction and behavioral health issues differently. That’s why we’ve created an array of treatment protocols that can be tailored to each client’s individual needs. Our customized approach empowers professionals to address the physical, mental, and spiritual factors contributing to their substance abuse and behavioral health concerns.

Providence Treatment is LGBTQ+ owned, and provides a safe and welcoming space for this community.

Accepting Most Major Insurance Carriers

Jayden T.
Jayden T.
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The Providence team is such a positive upbeat facility! I am incredibly excited to see Providence grow into Boston and the effects that this wonderful team can bring into the Boston community! I highly recommend Providence for all mental health & substance abuse needs.
Rebecca B.
Rebecca B.
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I have been working closely with Providence Treatment to assist people on their healing journey of living a life free from the negative effects of substances. Maintaining a clean and sober life is challenging for many people and working with Providence has provided me the opportunity to see people succeed and move forward with their lives, work and families with the tools to handle life in a healthy way without dangerous substances.
John M.
John M.
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Dr. Heran and Dr. Lau are the best in the business.

Discover More About Dr. Herran’s Newest Book

The Missing Peace

Discovering Inner Peace one day at a time

Dr. William Heran shares his insights gleaned from over three decades of facilitating psychotherapy. Delving into the intricate dimensions of the mind, he unveils the trio of its properties: the conditioned, egoic, and mystical minds, each shaping our perceptions and experiences. Drawing from personal challenges and spiritual teachings, he unveils a path to inner peace by disconfirming the restless narratives that cause suffering. With daily reflections and practices, this book offers a blueprint for cultivating awareness, calm, and fulfillment, inviting readers to unlock the door to their inherent tranquility and embrace the profound wisdom that lies within.

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Behavioral health and substance abuse treatment program for professionals and paraprofessionals of all industries.

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Learn more about our new Healthcare Professional Treatment Program (HCP)