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Alcohol and Drug Treatment
for Professionals

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At Providence Treatment, our mission is to improve the lives of professionals struggling with the debilitating effects of alcohol and drug addiction and the negative impact it has on their families and careers. With a bio-psychosocial and spiritual focus, we utilize a unique integrated care model to holistically treat both the client and their support system. The word “providence” means “timely preparation for future eventualities” and we are 100% focused on preparing our clients for a future that includes fulfilling professional careers and personal lives.

Philadelphia Area Addiction Treatment

Our tailored, boutique outpatient addiction treatment services are based on the specific needs of individual clients and their families. We utilize evidence based treatment methods focused on personal and interpersonal transformation. Our comprehensive addiction treatment plans include…

In order to serve out of town clients or facilitate the transition of local clients back to everyday life, the
outpatient treatment and counseling center is supported by our nearby sober living residences where clients can reside while completing treatment. This comfortable, safe, and structured environment enables clients to enjoy an active lifestyle while being committed to a rigorous treatment program and daily recovery activities.

Offering Customized Help for Professionals
Professionals and Executive Programs

Providence Treatment clients include career professionals – including executives, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, commercial pilots, clergy, attorneys, engineers and others seeking a treatment environment with proven success.

for Pilots

Daily high stress and long work hours can lead to the desire of alcohol and drug abuse for pilots.

for Physicians

Physicians are prone to drug and alcohol abuse and rates of addiction among doctors are rising.

for Lawyers

Lawyers struggle with substance abuse, particularly drinking, more than some other professionals.

Our Services

Offering a full array of cutting edge addiction treatment services to provide you with tools and strategies to succeed in early recovery and beyond as you return to your profession.

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