With so many drug and alcohol rehab facilities available, how do you choose the right one for you? It’s not enough to select a treatment center based on amenities or luxurious accommodations. You should make sure your chosen facility can meet your unique needs. Philadelphia addiction treatment can make a big difference in your life. From inpatient to outpatient programs, you have effective options.

For those looking for centers that cater to their careers, however, there are flexible choices that take demanding professions into account.

Do You Need Philadelphia Addiction Treatment?

a woman talks to a doctor in a philadelphia addiction treatment centerDrug and alcohol abuse doesn’t only affect a particular type or group of people. It impacts men and women from all walks of life, including professionals in the fields of healthcare and finance. Without treatment, those grappling with addiction face serious consequences, including the loss of their financial stability, career, and family.

Philadelphia addiction treatment can help turn your life or that of a loved one around. For those on the East coast, Media sits just 30 minutes outside of Philly. Residents in and around the area will find it convenient for outpatient treatment.

How do you know if drug and alcohol abuse is creating serious problems in your life? Signs include:

  • Increased usage as your tolerance grows
  • Missed family or work obligations due to using
  • Defensiveness or anger whenever anyone confronts you about using
  • Negative work performance due to using
  • Doctor shopping for new prescription drugs if your old doctor no longer prescribes for you

Abuse can quickly turn into dependency which can then turn into an addiction. Professionals run the risk of losing licenses and careers if they don’t get treatment.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Once you decide you need Philadelphia addiction treatment, is inpatient or outpatient right for you? While inpatient is effective, not everyone can step away from a job or family obligations to live in a treatment center 24/7. In addition, not everyone needs the around-the-clock care an inpatient stay provides. Outpatient treatment gives you the opportunity to get help but still fulfill your responsibilities.

Therapeutic appointments fit into your demanding life, allowing you to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. If worries about your substance abuse problem affect your job performance, you can ease your mind once you enter treatment and dedicate yourself to recovering.

When you receive outpatient care, your loved ones can attend family therapy sessions with you. This is important for putting your family unit back together. You’ve worked hard to build a successful life, and you deserve to feel healthy and whole.

Philadelphia Addiction Treatment for Professionals

If you work in a demanding field, you need treatment that fits into your life. You have obligations to meet, so checking into a long-term rehab program won’t work.

However, you still need help to overcome drug and alcohol dependency. Outpatient Philadelphia addiction treatment is an ideal solution. You’ll still be able to work and live at home. However, you’ll also receive the life-changing therapy that can put you back on the right path.

While there are many rehabs throughout the U.S., only a small number cater to professionals such as yourself. On the East coast, our Philadelphia treatment center serves busy men and women from DC to Maine.

Personalized Care – Proven Success Philadelphia

Providence Treatment is an outpatient facility that provides addiction treatment for licensed individuals and business professionals. Located in Media, we’re conveniently accessible to those who live in and around Philadelphia. Our clients include attorneys, healthcare professionals, dentists, pilots, business owners, and finance professionals.

The treatment services we offer include:

You’ve worked hard to be successful, so don’t throw it all away. Get the professional help you need to recover from addiction and regain control of your life. Call the experienced staff at Providence Treatment today, and we’ll start you on the road to lasting sobriety. Contact 8662473307 for more information.