Providence Recovery House: The Best of Philadelphia Sober Living

Providence Recovery House is proud to offer Philadelphia sober living services to professional  men seeking comfort and support during the early phase of their recovery. Our residents enjoy an active lifestyle while being committed to a rigorous treatment program and daily recovery activities.

Located in the Western suburbs, our Philadelphia sober residence is only a five-minute walk to the commuter train, or a stroll to Downtown Media.

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The History of Our Philadelphia Sober Home

Providence Recovery House was the original project of Providence Treatment. In 2013, co-founder William Heran, PhD, LCSW, began searching the tri-state area for a sober living home to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in early recovery. After assessing the options of sober living in the region, he and his team decided to establish Providence Recovery House, LLC, a company committed to holding its Philadelphia sober living residents to the highest form of accountability and treatment – all while providing a high level of comfort.

Philadelphia Sober Living: What Makes Providence Work

Today, Providence Recovery House has very high recovery rate with its current residents and alumni. What makes us so effective? We offer our clients the following to support their long-term sobriety:

  • A structured, predictable sober environment and peer directed accountability from a healthy community with a common goal: to remain in sobriety from alcohol and drugs
  • A professional laboratory monitoring program that requires each resident to check daily for random alcohol and drug testing as a form of relapse prevention. Individuals who participate in a monitoring program over a three-plus year period have a significant increase in their chances to sustain their recovery, according to research.
  • House managers trained to support each resident’s recovery program. On weekdays, they provide nutritious, freshly made meals for our Philadelphia sober living community; residents prepare meals on the weekends.
  • High standards. We expect residents to occupy their day either with a job or a volunteer opportunity. We feel it’s important for anyone in recovery to experience the importance of work, no matter the job.

Philadelphia Transitional Living: Why Providence?

The word providence means “the preparation for future eventualities while attending to spiritual awareness and growth.”

At Providence Recovery House, we assist each resident with adaptive and recovery-oriented coping strategies and twelve-step program adherence, as well as daily practices that support a life of recovery and life’s gifts and challenges within a spiritual program of awakening and action.

Our Philadelphia sober living residence also encourages and incorporates activities. These include giving back, mindfulness meditation, and recovery meetings. We also set attainable daily goals that reflect a strategy toward a sustainable recovery and personal wellness. In addition, we provide an aftercare integration service to keep you on track.

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