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Aftercare Integration Services

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As the alcoholic and drug addict returns to family, work and community there often needs to be, at a minimum, a plan on how the person returns with dignity and minimal shame.

Once a person participates in a recovery program, they are often more productive, conscientious and dependable than before. However, there still remains a social stigma about alcoholism and drug addiction in our society. The person in recovery may need assistance prior to starting back to work, returning to their family and community back home.

Some of the services offered in our Aftercare Integration Program (AIS) Program include, but not limited to:

  • Helping to connect the client who completes our program with providers in their home community such as: an individual therapist, group therapist, psychiatrist, etc.
  • Building a transition program that includes 12-Step meetings, sponsor, sober activities, re-connecting with friends and colleagues
  • Education seminars to employers and professional colleagues
  • Ongoing phone contact with clients for a period of one-year after completing our program
  • Work scheduling and time management to help minimize stress
  • Connect with re-training agencies in your specific profession, if necessary
Offering Customized Help for Professionals

Providence Treatment actively stays in contact with all clients who complete our program, with their permission, for at least one year after their discharge. We encourage all clients to participate in a random alcohol and drug testing program for at least one-year after leaving our program. Some clients may have already signed on to a testing program associated with their primary treatment program (rehab). We would encourage all clients to participate in some type of monitoring program to help ensure a sustainable recovery upon return to their homes and work.

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