Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is highly addictive and incredibly dangerous. To overcome an addiction to cocaine, addiction treatment is the answer. At Providence Treatment, professionals can complete cocaine addiction rehab and work toward the lives they deserve.

Beginning With a Complete Assessment

A person holds a baggie of white powder to represent cocaine addiction rehab and cocaine addiction treatmentIt’s impossible to effectively provide cocaine addiction treatment until the client receives a proper evaluation. At Providence Treatment, all programs start with a comprehensive two-day assessment. This is an opportunity to assess the client in full and create a plan for recovery that will be as successful as possible.

From a medical perspective, this might start with a physical exam and a toxicology report. This is a great way to identify any potentially severe medical issues, and it can also identify any necessary medications that a doctor could prescribe to help.

A comprehensive assessment also looks at patterns of behavior. It might involve talking to friends and loved ones to get an accurate picture of the client’s state of mind and emotional wellbeing. All of this information can then go into a treatment plan. Medical professionals can also recommend the best type of program for each individual client moving forward.

Addressing the Causes of Cocaine Addiction

All too often, cocaine addiction rehab only pays attention to the symptoms of the addiction. A much better approach to cocaine addiction treatment, however, is identifying the underlying causes. In doing so, it becomes easier to work on preventing relapse for a lifetime.

Sometimes, the inability to manage stress causes cocaine addiction. Cocaine abuse could be an outlet for relationship problems, financial worries, or deadlines at work that are becoming impossible to meet. Cocaine abuse might also result from a history of trauma or mental illness. Getting to the root issues and then resolving them can be a big part of cocaine addiction rehab.

Group, Family, and Individual Therapy Options

Overcoming a cocaine addiction requires a wide range of treatment methods. Talk therapy is the foundation of recovery, but there isn’t just one type of therapy available. Group therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy can all play a role in finding sobriety.

Group therapy can be helpful as a way to show clients they aren’t alone. Addiction can be isolating, so knowing that others understand your journey is a great benefit. This is especially true for professionals, who can share their experiences and stories with peers.

Family therapy can also create a better support system for clients. Loved ones deserve support and validation, and they can benefit from family therapy. Clients, too, can rebuild relationships with the people they love the most.

Individual therapy is a huge part of cocaine addiction rehab. This is an opportunity to discuss specific topics that clients don’t want to talk about in a big group. This also allows for customized treatment, giving clients the chance to achieve their goals and make specific plans for the future.

Planning For a Lifetime of Sobriety

Addiction treatment isn’t something you can achieve in a few days or weeks. It will take time and commitment to see truly lasting results. At Providence Treatment, that means offering a full continuum of care. This allows clients to participate in various programs leading to their lifelong sobriety.

In the process of overcoming a cocaine addiction, you might start with inpatient treatment. Then, you might move to an intensive outpatient program, outpatient addiction treatment, or a partial hospitalization program. There are also aftercare options to help clients stay on track for longer.

What to Expect From Cocaine Addiction Rehab at Providence Treatment

Cocaine addiction treatment at Providence Treatment is a comprehensive way to fight back against dependence on cocaine once and for all. Addiction treatment for professionals can help clients get back to work faster, and it may include all of the following therapies and strategies:

Cocaine addiction rehab is the most effective way to end cocaine abuse. If cocaine use is impacting your physical health, mental stability, career, or relationships, then treatment is a necessity. Providence Treatment in Media, Pennsylvania, can put you on track toward sobriety. Call 866-247-3307 and take back control over your future.