Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and abusing it can cause all kinds of problems. Although it is challenging to overcome a heroin addiction, it is possible if you have the right resources, support, and medical attention. Take a closer look at what heroin addiction treatment looks like at Providence Treatment.

Completing a Full Assessment Before Treatment Begins

A man holds a syringe thinking about how he needs heroin addiction treatment from a heroin addiction rehab facilityHeroin addiction rehab might follow a set plan, but no two clients are the same. Two clients arriving on the same day might have drastically different lives, health considerations, and family support options. As a result, both will need their own customized treatment plans.

The ideal way to begin heroin addiction treatment is with a comprehensive intake evaluation. At Providence Treatment, that takes a full two days to complete. During that time, clients can participate in medical exams and toxicology screenings that reveal the exact nature of their addictions.

An evaluation can also highlight any concerns that often come along with heroin addiction. Chronic pain can be identified and addressed, and so can any mental health disorders. Clients can discuss family history and talk about their concerns for the future. This evaluation sets the tone for the rest of the addiction treatment process.

Identifying Factors That First Led to the Heroin Addiction

Heroin addictions don’t develop out of nowhere. There are many reasons that individuals turn to heroin, and those reasons deserve proper attention during heroin addiction rehab.

In many cases, clients first developed a reliance on prescription opioids. These are often drugs used to deal with chronic pain. Since prescriptions opioids are similar to heroin in many ways, they can be a gateway to heroin abuse and eventual addiction.

Others might turn to heroin because of depression, anxiety, or PTSD. If this is true for a client, then it is vital that he or she gets treatment for that condition. Dual diagnosis care can address underlying issues while clients also fight back against heroin addiction.

Gaining Support From Professionals, Peers, and Family

Heroin addiction treatment involves support from professionals. This can come from counseling sessions or behavioral therapy. While it is a big part of the recovery process, clients will also benefit greatly from additional sources of ongoing support.

Family therapy is the ideal way to bring family members into the recovery process. Often, family members want to help but don’t know how to involve themselves. Family therapy shows how best to help loved ones struggling with heroin addiction.

A support system can also include group meetings or 12 Step programs. Learning about the dynamics of these programs can allow clients to continue with them for months or years after rehab is over. Peer support can be a huge help when clients are working hard to overcome addiction.

Creating a Plan for Relapse Prevention

Heroin addiction treatment is not just about learning how to stop using heroin. More importantly, it is about learning how to stay sober for a lifetime. That means addiction therapy needs to include a plan for relapse prevention.

One successful approach is a step-down method. It starts with clients getting intensive care in a 24/7 program. Then, they can gain independence in incremental steps.

A partial hospitalization program could be one of the steps, followed by outpatient addiction treatment. An intensive outpatient program is another option, and sober living can often be an excellent choice for those ready to transition back to living on their own. This strategy gives clients more and more responsibility while still offering them the resources and support they need most.

Heroin Addiction Treatment at Providence Treatment

Heroin addiction rehab is a necessity for anyone who struggles with heroin dependence. At Providence Treatment, you’ll find addiction treatment for professionals. Rehab programs give clients the strength they need to get sober, fight back against the risks of relapse, and prepare to excel in their careers. Therapies available to clients include:

If you’re serious about fighting back against heroin, then heroin addiction treatment is a necessity. At Providence Treatment in Media, Pennsylvania, clients will get the support they need to get on track to lifelong sobriety. When you’re ready to make a change, call 866-247-3307.