Psychological Testing at Providence Treatment

A man smiles during his psychological testing sessionAre you or someone you love suffering from addiction and a mood disorder? Providence Treatment will refer our clients to outside trusted sources for an array of psychological testings. This testing determines whether they’re dealing with mental health issues present with their substance use disorder. These issues can include a questionable diagnosis, mood issues, cognitive functioning, learning disability, or attention concerns.

Of course, psychological testing is not a pass or fail format or a multiple-choice exam. It is simply a series of evaluations and assessments that the psychologist conducts to reach a specific diagnosis. Then, the psychologist uses the results to develop a treatment recommendation. Another objective of the psychological testing is to allow the psychologist to see the full picture of our client’s strengths and limitations.

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Psychological Testing: What to Expect

At our PA rehab, our clinical team refers the client to a licensed psychologist. The psychologist starts with an accurate description of the personality traits that act as a barrier to sustaining the client’s recovery.

After a series of thorough testing, the psychologist will arrive at a diagnosis. The psychologist will then meet with the client and one of our addiction counselors to create an appropriate treatment plan.

We use the following types of comprehensive psychological testing:

  • MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory) is the most common and standard psychometric test to determine the client’s personality and psychopathology.
  • MCMI (Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory) is a psychological assessment tool to provide clinical information on the client’s psychopathology including specific psychiatric disorders.
  • Mood Inventories, such as Beck’s Inventory of Depression and Anxiety, is a self-report tool to measure characteristic attitudes and symptoms of depression and severity of anxiety.
  • Projective Personality testing, such as the Rorschach test, is a type of personality test where the client offers responses to ambiguous scenes, words or images.
  • Positive Psychology testing evaluates the client’s happiness and also aims to better understand personal strengths.

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Psychological Testing: Getting Started

Undergoing psychological testing can help ensure that you get the best treatment plan for battling addiction and a co-occurring mood disorder. To learn more about our PA rehab,

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