Career Management and Re-entry

Career Management and Re-entry


Providence Treatment is dedicated to the welfare of working professionals! We understand the challenges and rewards of being a busy executive or licensed professional. While the career can be extremely important, it can also prevent someone from fully engaging in a healthy, life-giving way of being.  Stress, extreme responsibilities and high expectations to consistently perform can all contribute to a breakdown in mental health and overall wellness. 

Some of the services offered in our Career Management and Re-entry Program are:

  • Participation in our Praxis Program
  • Evaluate relations, both personally and professionally
  • Assess career goals and whether they need to be adjusted in a recovery for life perspective
  • Developing coping strategies on how to deal with stress and reactivity in the workplace 
  • Boundary enhancement. Learning how to say “No!” 
  • Work with corporate entities to enhance their wellness programs to include recovery training

Offering Customized Help for Professionals

What Is More

Providence Treatment actively stays in contact with all clients who complete our program, with their permission, for at least one year after their discharge. We encourage all clients to participate in a random alcohol and drug testing program for at least one year after leaving our program. Some clients may have already signed on to a testing program associated with their primary treatment program (rehab). We would encourage all clients to participate in some type of monitoring program to help ensure a sustainable recovery upon return to their homes and work.

We believe that follow-up care is essential to maintaining recovery. For more information or to start your journey to a better, substance-free life, call 866-247-3307 now.

Treatment that works for Professionals.