Being a professional puts you in a position of knowing what is best for your patients, clients, or passengers. But when you step away from your professional life and into your personal realm, sometimes you do not see what is best for yourself and the people you love. If you suffer drug or alcohol addiction as a professional in the medical, legal, business, or air transportation fields, your career, and private life rely on your sobriety. When substance abuse takes over, you need the immediate help of a Haverford PA drug rehab center so you can reclaim your grasp on your work, lifestyle, wellness, and future.

Many Professionals Suffer Addiction

Addiction is not as unusual in your field, as you think. You do not stand alone in your struggles, nor in your need for confidential, strategic, and quality treatment. The professional addiction treatment Haverford PA offers can address your unique needs while providing you with the care, support, professional guidance, and advocacy you need to regain sobriety. At the same time, you save all you have worked so hard to achieve. You can rebuild your life and that rebuilding starts with understanding how you got to where you are now, then taking the next steps to change your path.

Professionals like doctors, lawyers, pilots, clergy, and business executives face extreme stress as a part of each day. You do not turn off your stress as you leave the office. Instead, you spend much of your downtime mentally, emotionally, and physically preparing for the work week ahead. That is, when you experience any downtime at all.

Your personal investment in your work is what brings you success. But it also creates a space for your downfall.

You are not alone in this vulnerability. Professionals from across many fields work so hard in their everyday lives that they neglect to care for their own needs. Caring for your own needs means maintaining good mental, emotional, and physical health. It also means using positive coping skills to avoid substance abuse or other self-medication.

For some professionals, working in high-stress fields leads to depression, anxiety, or any of a long list of mental health problems. You understand how to appear professionally balanced and prepared. But understanding how to deal with your mental condition goes beyond hiding it or brushing it off as unimportant. Not adequately caring for yourself is where addiction slips into your life and is why you need help from the accredited professional addiction treatment Haverford PA offers.

Issues Professionals Face When Considering Addiction Treatment

Considering addiction treatment goes beyond finding a Haverford PA drug rehab center, for people in professional fields like law, medicine, and air travel. At Providence Treatment, caring staff and professionals understand that you must maintain your reputation, career, and credentialing. Or you must prove to credentialing bodies that you are capable of maintaining your professional status.

This is where treatment for professionals differs from standard treatment. You need support in meeting and adhering to your field requirements. You need individualized treatment, but treatment designed with the goal of meeting the requirements of your licensing board. For many, advocacy with the licensing authority plays a significant role in returning to a career you worked so hard and long to build.

A Haverford PA Drug Rehab Center for Professionals

Providence Treatment is a Haverford PA drug rehab center for professionals fully focused on providing you with the highest quality of substance abuse and behavioral health treatment. Near Philadelphia, you receive treatment among your peers in work and lifestyle with the confidentiality you need to maintain your reputation. You receive a customized assessment, highly structured treatment, and supportive care. You’ll love the leading Haverford PA drug rehab center, Providence Treatment. You also receive support and advocacy for the ultimate return to your field of work.

Programs and services provided by Providence Treatment include:

  • Detox, PHP, IOP, and OP programs
  • Philadelphia sober living homes
  • Trauma therapy
  • Addiction counseling
  • Intensive family therapy
  • Mindfulness, biofeedback and relapse prevention
  • Medication-assisted treatment and medication management

All of your Haverford PA drug rehab center treatment starts with a comprehensive assessment. This enables the program to meet your individual needs. To maintain all you have worked to professionally and personally achieve, call Providence Treatment now at 866.247.3307.