Providence Treatment Offers Telehealth for Increased Access to Addiction Treatment

The public health crisis of 2020, involving the highly contagious COVID-19/novel coronavirus, has forced the issue of personal distancing and persons at risk for contracting this virus (e.g. the elderly, patients with chronic illnesses, anyone with pre-existing respiratory issues and overall immunosuppressive conditions). While some of our clients are at risk of becoming seriously ill if they test positive for the coronavirus, they continue to require psychological and addiction recovery support from our highly skilled team at Providence Treatment. We have a plan to offer telehealth services to all of our clients.

Telehealth technology, including telephone-based sessions, videoconferencing and other web-based communication tools, has become an important tool during this COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. It allows us to assist some of our clients who need to remain sheltered at home for health reasons. These clients can receive the same quality care provided by Providence Treatment staff without requiring them to travel to our offices in Philadelphia.

Providence Treatment uses a telehealth technology in the forms of video conferencing through secure portals and a HIPAA-compliant platform that ensures your confidentiality is maintained and not compromised. Studies compared care provided to clients with substance use disorders in person or by videoconference. They found similar results when using the telehealth option for engaging in treatment.*

Using your phone or computer to assist with addiction recovery is nothing new to our clients. They are engaged in a 12-Step facilitation model of treatment and are well aware of using their phones, smartphones, and computers to attend AA meetings, or making the necessary contact with their sponsors. Offering telehealth support to clients who may need to remain at home, or who may have restrictions on travel, increases the access to needed healthcare for their sustained recovery.

The research and the experience of those clients using telehealth have taught us about the importance of access to treatment, without compromising on confidentiality and behavioral healthcare. To learn more about our approach to treatment during the COVID-19 outbreak, contact Providence Treatment today.

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*King, V.L., Stoller, K.B., Kidorf, M., Kindborn, K., Hursh, S., Brady, T., & Browner, R.K. (2009). Assessing the effectiveness of an internet-based videoconferencing platform for delivering intensified substance abuse counseling. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 36(3), 331-338. [source]